A blood soaked Arthur IS RISING

Gonzo journalism and fiction is a tricky mix.... Welcome to my razor's edge.


I am an elf in the attic making mind toys with sharp edges; an educated writer who gets good reviews, who you can read for free in the rough form of first drafts on the web, or purchase in a book form.
The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is intelligent non aggressiveness. This is called the mastery of men.


Welcome to you, I am John Scott Ridgway, Novelist, Poet, Blogger, Radio and TV writer and actor... five books, also paint in oils and acrylics. I am poet warrior of sorts, a non violent radical, personally, though understanding of those who choose other paths IN THE EIGHTY PLUS COUNTRIES AT LAST COUNT THAT came in this blog ...

The predicted revolutions in the USA and around the would are going to

be violent in the next twenty years, is what the CIA says. I want them to stay peaceful, which is the only way to win this struggle between haves and have nots. They have more guns, we have more people,, and they include the mothers and sisters and brothers of the people they will ask to fight us.... I think they underestimate the police.

NEVER ACCEPT APPEASEMENT OVER JUSTICE. By any means necessary is the reality. . . the USA can be spared stupid wars, but other countries. . . need different solutions. . .

The number of Countries that have come in to have a look at this blog humbles me. Thank you very much.



PROFESSIONALS, HOPEFULLY, like the police, military, etc...

understanding that violence is sometimes needed

does not mean I like anything about the sound

of fists hitting faces

Boxing is too much for me

make me feel like I am watching

dog fights with toothless pitbulls

"I am an artist first, and a politician second," as John Lennon said.

My intentions are to stop the violence from entering into

revolutionary wars

the CIA


will break out in the next twenty years all over the

world, including here...

But Ill tell ya,

if there is not some redistribution of

wealth here there and everywhere




My intentions is to keep these protests peaceful

so we can win

without bloodshed

Total War for Total Peace

Never incites violence

or destroys property

you should be able

to go to protests with strollers and babies

parents feeling as safe as the police

Now, poetry...

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...


A blood soaked Arthur has risen

be aware

be very aware

total war
for total peace
is being fought

THERE will be many ways to die
and only one to live
give and give and give
until the worlds downtrodden and oppressed
can begin to forgive
before things get bloody and ruthless
My Peace sign shot full of holes
and my reason ignored
drowned out by the roar of machine guns

You cannot break the golden rule
all the time and not expect
consequences from nature

we will fight for our right to thrive as well
we do not accept your sentence
to poverty so you can earn more
by shipping the factory off to China

nothing this mindgame in america can do to us
can destroy this thing inside that yearns for freedom
enough to die in the name of JUSTICE
generation after generation
from time

No more hyper-reality FOR US. We have already spent too long in an oasis of belief where nothing is wrong, folks... Now, we must face this was all a mirage... and try like hell to get out of this desert... or resolve ourself to the fact that we will leave our children to starve in the barren sands.

There are better ways to defeat an enemy than an outright fight, especially if you are vastly outnumbered, like the Elite. MSM PSY-WAR allows them to control our actions through our thoughts, and basically stop our FORCE from activating. I am not saying we should fight just because we can win, I am just saying we should fight before we lose, if no other option is left us.... because a world is at stake.

  • You are a spark in dry timber, stopped from becoming a roaring flame
    They SET UP LAWS THAT ALLOW THEM TO STEAL. MURDER. BRAINWASH THEIR CRITICS. We must begin to feel challenged now to stop them. Or WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. PERIOD. THE SKY, OTHER SPECIES, OUR WATER... OUR MINDS. No more hyper-reality for us... too long in that oasis where nothing is wrong folks... we must face this is all a mirage.
    • OUR LACK OF RESOLVE TO CHANGE OUR WORLD MUST PUZZLE THE GODS THEMSELVES.... how can we be this collectively dum? And if we are....then the brains will be looked to as potential saviors.... when all too often they are just psocyo-paths and stooges and scared folks under the gun who are ALLOWED to CON EVERYONE... FOR THE GOOD OF A

A cruel slap woke me to the PAIN
at the moment of birth;
My first cry was NO
buried in unintelligible screams.
I am a man now.
Now I catch your hand and break all the fingers.

the promise

You must be whoever the enemy fears the least
or fears the most.

No other position is saf

da general

Welcome to the spark that inflames TOTAL WAR FOR TOTAL PEACE.

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...

THE ELVES ATTIC is stories, poetry, essay's, peculiar events in my life . . . oil painting, articles.

Your patience for bearing with me on my first drafts is a much appreciated kindness. Your worldwide interest is my muse . . .Lately I have been writing a book called Gangsta General x, about a revolutionary in the USA, who is fighting to keep the revolt peaceful as things spin out of control in the states after a famine gets the populace hungry enough to change their society once and for all....

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I have five majors, five books, two tv shows, a radio show, 76 countries at last count on this site alone, and over a million online readers to my credit. I can't thank any of you enough for all of your help and encouragement over the years; the favors and aide that has been offered me, the trust in my leadership... you are all SACRED TO ME ... even you folks I tend to hate.


Thank you.


THE top secret File of Gangsta General X

How will you answer your children when they ask why you did nothing to stop the planetary death they will witness all around them?

 When I found out I was being bugged, I began reasoning with the spies. Eventually, I won them over.

WE HAVE THEM SURROUNDED. The Credo of The Masses. One hell of a way to win a WAr.

The Elite understands the power of the masses better than they do themselves... and they are terrified down to to their marrow. YOU are much more powerful than you realize.

I granted Bush-lite and his co-horts immunity once before to stop an outright war, and I will again if that happens. History and God will judge that man harsher than I ever could. . .

 We generally only operate in the shadows. You are witnessing a great surfacing.

Got a Message.... glimpse into the codes, the secret language we use...

by John Scott Ridgway on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 12:36pm
I was told, 'all writers think they are Gods.  Still, I prefer them over the stock market people.'  Sounds so innocent;  this is a pledge of allegiance  from a very powerful force, that has been pulling levers unseen for many years.  They showed it last night on the emmies, a black and white movie that came up with an older white gentlemen saying this.  I hope everyone saw the commercial, though my tv tends to get a few interesting things inserted that not everyone see's;   we use the media  to pass communications among ourselves  so often it would blow your mind,.

 The Shills Who Are Exploiting The Revolutionary Impulses of Tea Partiers.

ANYONE who TRIES to mess with Social Security, or in any way decides that the poor must suffer while the Rich, who caused this problem, get tax cuts, MUST BE TARGETED FOR ELIMINATION . . . from public office.

Make no mistake, I will never ask you to do something illegal, and if you think I have, you are mistaken. My odd sense of humor has gotten me in trouble before. I just want them voted out.

 When you are standing in what you know will be history --- watch your step; remain very aware of how easily your Combat Boots can crush.

I am sick of suffering so someone can own ten yachts  . .   or whatever.  Am I the only one in the world who see's the terrible price others are paying for this selfish largess? THEIR LIFE STYLE IS LITERALLY KILLING US AND YET WE PUT THEM ON THE FRONT OF OUR MAGAZINES AND WORSHIP THEM?????? What a mind rape. . They have you convinced to see the world ass-backward through mental manipulation, which is the only thing that shields their cruel amusement from our slings and arrows

watch your stepremain very aware of how easily your jack boots can crushSarah Lass dances around Chicago, and the show is most, most excellent.  Big Love, little one who is so big.

The system is set up to reward the best --- just enough so that they won't lead the rest. Systematic Repression Tactics. Black Psyh-Ops 101.

‎"The day Obama was elected, The New York Times published a series of poetry. A silent nod to Gangsta General X, warrior poet. The Colbert Report showed it to me. I needed as much good news as possible that day. I had been stressed for wks. If the Republicans had tried to win the election by their usual means, I was going to have to lead a civil war." 

Big Love out to Christoper Hitchens... and a prayer your cancer was not caused because of your work with us. If it was, I vow that I will get to the bottom of it and act appropriate. "The atheists are God's greatest critics of the ethics of the church. He loves them." From my book, Waking Up Jesus.

 BECOME A CHIEF... or find one. Gather your tribes for war. Plan your missions well. Our best weapon is a clever quip. Our best defense is a peaceful intention

‎"The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed." Abe Lincoln, predicting the Tea Party.

‎.. and what has happened here since the Civil War, in one form or another. I used to know a guy they hired in the sixties and seventies to provoke crowds to violence. He was an old carny, and knew how to manipulate people, lead them to do what he wanted. He used this power to be a criminal mostly... non-violent, and what he considered victimless, insurance companies and such... he sold them for awhile, and would forge widows signatures on documents that made it look like they already had a policy. A real Robin Hood. Very smart guy, became a lawyer, then died. Literally, I mean...

 i do not mean support his policies. Just look at his opponents and you will see what I mean. They seem practically designed to get the left on board with someone who is trying to stop the corporate take over. Say what you want, the reality of being a president is different than that of a candidate. So much of what happens in hidden -- you would be surprised. This is that matrix they talk about.

3 hours ago ·  · 

    • John Scott Ridgway should have said you don't have to support all of his policies to see that what he has achieved is historic. Most people he is doing nothing for them, because they do not even know what he is really doing ... which they do not hear on our ELITISTS SLANTED PRESS AND TV NEWS. Being ignorant of something does not mean it does not exist.... we are silly people. Their ignorance is killing us, too.

We put in Obama. Better support him or things are going to get ugly. Not a warning from me, I will do everything to stop it -- the observation of an antrho/socio major


When you are standing in what you know will be history

watch your step

remain very aware
 of how easily your jack boots can crush
Sarah Lass dances around Chicago, and the show is most, most excellent.  Big Love, little one who is so big.

FACEBOOK nOTes on Revolution.

WE HAVE THEM SURROUNDED. The Credo of The Masses, and one hell of a way to win a WAr.

 Indeed. If a black pastor is not pissed off about what has been done to america's blacks, I don't trust em'.

I granted Bush-lite and his co-horts immunity once before to stop an outright war, and I will again if that happens. History and God will judge that man harsher than I ever could. . . From The Top Secret Files of Gangsta General X

We have more people and guns than they do... they want a fight over Net Neutrality, I say bring it on... we will drink their blood and piss it into the gutter.

Last night on the emmy's two presenter's thanked their gay spouses... then the next two comedians, including a gay one, made jokes that punch line was basically, "Isn't it funny to call someone gay." Wonder what the papers would be saying this morning if they had said 'black.' They give with the left hand , and then take it back with the right.

You have been waiting for this moment since you first got called a nigger...    and I mean that for all people who were told they would have to suffer so a few people can have ten yachts. ...

 I am on edge from the politics I am involved in, as well as reinvigorated... two sides to every sword.

 In 2001, the spiritual leader of the ultra-Orthodox faction gave a speech in which he also called for Arabs' annihilation.  Now he is at it again.  i SPIT ON THIS MAN AND HIS PEOPLE, AND WILL CHEER AS THEY BURN IN HELL .
"It is forbidden to be merciful to them," he was quoted as saying. "You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable."

‎'.... recent startling admissions from top Treasury officials, the mortgage plan was actually not really about helping borrowers at all. Instead, it was simply one element of a broader effort to pump money into big banks and shield them from losses on bad loans. That's right: Treasury openly admitted that its only serious program purporting to help ordinary citizens was actually a cynical move to help Wall Street megabanks.' 

 GLENN BECK SPEWED THESE DEMONIC WORDS, CLAIMING WHITES STARTED THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.. RIGHT WING WHITES... THE ONES WHO THREW STONES AT KING... HE WAS TALKING TO THOSE PEOPLE AND SAID THIS SHIT!! He wants to be a martyr to his molehill... God, I hope he gets his wish. " we will reclaim the civil rights moment. We will take that movement because we were the people that did it in the first place."

"We were the people that did it in the first place." Yes, that's a quote. So when the predictable mainstream media voices say, hey, Beck wasn't so bad, remember that's because he was caught before he could be."

Kent state stopped the protests. Peace operatives in the NSA then actually restarted the peace movement. Planes flying over Cambodia were told the moment an enemy radar was locked on, so they could get away. The bombing caused no american tragedies, so they were getting away with it. Then, on Christmas Eve, the NSA stopped telling pilots they were locked on and about twenty of them were shot down, and people started protesting again. I learned this from a philosophy professor at NEIU who was working for the NSA at the time.

The founding father's who Glen Beck quotes all the time would have had him hanged.

WORDS OF A PROFOUNDLY IDIOTIC MIND: “we believe in Jesus Christ, and he is our savior.” Jesus, she said, would not have agreed with what she called the redistribution of wealth in the form of the economic stimulus package, bank bailouts and welfare. “ Who is this woman's preacher? What evil billionaire has convinced her that Jesus is against giving to the poor and crippled. This woman needs deprogrammed.

 ‎"Conservative Christians who insist that "traditional marriage" has always been "between a man and a woman" are wrong and historically uninformed. Thus, they are poor guides for lawmakers and judges." Alternet. Interesting article showing religions started out condoning same sex marriage. Very good information to throw at fundamentalists.

he hip hip democrat gives us our worst nightmare. i could not watch this, because I will just lose it again and punch out the computer screen.

I lay around all day sometimes merely thinking. Part of the philosophy training, learning how to THINK. Try it... leads to the wonders and the horrors hidden by your thinking that you can think.

Fox has decided to just balls out get political and fight. We better fight right back or they will win.

Go ahead . . . pick up the gauntlet . . . or you better start your run.

I am back from knocking on doors for the Democrats. I really like our Governor, and his race is tight. Lucked out, a very pretty young reporter from Yahoo came with me, and is writing a big story on you know who complete with pictures of me in my Obama hat faking like I am walking briskly down the street (she did not ask me to fake, I just have that actor thing, so I did it).

Told you I am moving out of this cave/cell/whatever... and moving my protests from the computer screens to the streeeeeets.... and there is a world wide army with me. Join up with a thought, not a letter... stay anonymous, act the fool... gathered your buds and tell no one. Stay non-violent, relying on our being much more clever than they are. We are, too. Look at my bud John Stewart, now the most trusted news voice in the world. He now makes the news he used to report.

As does Steve -- thanks for the salute -- Colbert.

 Hey Detroit... this city loved my old radio show. To this day, I hear someone is from Detroit I asked them if they listened. So far I am batting 100%. They are fighters in the mid-west. Let's help this symphony in any way we can. Classical music, since it only really comes across live, is on the down slide here. So sad. The day I saw yo you ma still reverberates in my head like an LSD trip. Smoke a j and go to the symphony, Detroit!!!

They ae going to use every trick in the THEIR PATHETIC BOOK to try to stop net neutrality. Fight fire with fire.

 I am not so sure this is bizarre. I learned they are working 

on this years ago, and can't wait for my Iron Man outfit.

Friday at 10:55pm ·  ·  · Share

the device I speak of will preserve the brain in a mechanical suit, reviving it with stem cells. Saw photos of designs. I like it.

The Intelligence Agencies need more oversight. They must be granted an immunity based solely upon whether or not they can change their culture. If they refuse to change, they will be prosecuted. THERE IS NO LICENSE TO BE LAWLESS. NEVER LET A PRESIDENT CONVINCE YOU THIS IS SO. COME TO OUR SIDE.

I knew a cia guy in Toledo who was able to abuse his seperated wife with impunity, and the local cops would do nothing. At one point, he slit he st. Bernard's throat and hung it over her front door. During their relationship, he had always had an office at the Toledo Police Headquarters, but when she called to report the guy, they told her he did not exist.

I do know that a lot more than people know, they are ordered to do things by presidents that they do not agree with, and know better. The trouble is allowing them to be lawless in the first place. That is too much power for a lowly human.

one of my very sorry little attempts to show my oil paintings, pets, girl...

a new mural in rodgers park... and picking up poo and sniffing pee

m and i take a trip down to the bean sculpture... here in Chicago...

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