A blood soaked Arthur IS RISING

Gonzo journalism and fiction is a tricky mix.... Welcome to my razor's edge.


I am an elf in the attic making mind toys with sharp edges; an educated writer who gets good reviews, who you can read for free in the rough form of first drafts on the web, or purchase in a book form.
The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is intelligent non aggressiveness. This is called the mastery of men.


Welcome to you, I am John Scott Ridgway, Novelist, Poet, Blogger, Radio and TV writer and actor... five books, also paint in oils and acrylics. I am poet warrior of sorts, a non violent radical, personally, though understanding of those who choose other paths IN THE EIGHTY PLUS COUNTRIES AT LAST COUNT THAT came in this blog ...

The predicted revolutions in the USA and around the would are going to

be violent in the next twenty years, is what the CIA says. I want them to stay peaceful, which is the only way to win this struggle between haves and have nots. They have more guns, we have more people,, and they include the mothers and sisters and brothers of the people they will ask to fight us.... I think they underestimate the police.

NEVER ACCEPT APPEASEMENT OVER JUSTICE. By any means necessary is the reality. . . the USA can be spared stupid wars, but other countries. . . need different solutions. . .

The number of Countries that have come in to have a look at this blog humbles me. Thank you very much.



PROFESSIONALS, HOPEFULLY, like the police, military, etc...

understanding that violence is sometimes needed

does not mean I like anything about the sound

of fists hitting faces

Boxing is too much for me

make me feel like I am watching

dog fights with toothless pitbulls

"I am an artist first, and a politician second," as John Lennon said.

My intentions are to stop the violence from entering into

revolutionary wars

the CIA


will break out in the next twenty years all over the

world, including here...

But Ill tell ya,

if there is not some redistribution of

wealth here there and everywhere




My intentions is to keep these protests peaceful

so we can win

without bloodshed

Total War for Total Peace

Never incites violence

or destroys property

you should be able

to go to protests with strollers and babies

parents feeling as safe as the police

Now, poetry...

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...


A blood soaked Arthur has risen

be aware

be very aware

total war
for total peace
is being fought

THERE will be many ways to die
and only one to live
give and give and give
until the worlds downtrodden and oppressed
can begin to forgive
before things get bloody and ruthless
My Peace sign shot full of holes
and my reason ignored
drowned out by the roar of machine guns

You cannot break the golden rule
all the time and not expect
consequences from nature

we will fight for our right to thrive as well
we do not accept your sentence
to poverty so you can earn more
by shipping the factory off to China

nothing this mindgame in america can do to us
can destroy this thing inside that yearns for freedom
enough to die in the name of JUSTICE
generation after generation
from time

No more hyper-reality FOR US. We have already spent too long in an oasis of belief where nothing is wrong, folks... Now, we must face this was all a mirage... and try like hell to get out of this desert... or resolve ourself to the fact that we will leave our children to starve in the barren sands.

There are better ways to defeat an enemy than an outright fight, especially if you are vastly outnumbered, like the Elite. MSM PSY-WAR allows them to control our actions through our thoughts, and basically stop our FORCE from activating. I am not saying we should fight just because we can win, I am just saying we should fight before we lose, if no other option is left us.... because a world is at stake.

  • You are a spark in dry timber, stopped from becoming a roaring flame
    They SET UP LAWS THAT ALLOW THEM TO STEAL. MURDER. BRAINWASH THEIR CRITICS. We must begin to feel challenged now to stop them. Or WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. PERIOD. THE SKY, OTHER SPECIES, OUR WATER... OUR MINDS. No more hyper-reality for us... too long in that oasis where nothing is wrong folks... we must face this is all a mirage.
    • OUR LACK OF RESOLVE TO CHANGE OUR WORLD MUST PUZZLE THE GODS THEMSELVES.... how can we be this collectively dum? And if we are....then the brains will be looked to as potential saviors.... when all too often they are just psocyo-paths and stooges and scared folks under the gun who are ALLOWED to CON EVERYONE... FOR THE GOOD OF A

A cruel slap woke me to the PAIN
at the moment of birth;
My first cry was NO
buried in unintelligible screams.
I am a man now.
Now I catch your hand and break all the fingers.

the promise

You must be whoever the enemy fears the least
or fears the most.

No other position is saf

da general

Welcome to the spark that inflames TOTAL WAR FOR TOTAL PEACE.

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...

THE ELVES ATTIC is stories, poetry, essay's, peculiar events in my life . . . oil painting, articles.

Your patience for bearing with me on my first drafts is a much appreciated kindness. Your worldwide interest is my muse . . .Lately I have been writing a book called Gangsta General x, about a revolutionary in the USA, who is fighting to keep the revolt peaceful as things spin out of control in the states after a famine gets the populace hungry enough to change their society once and for all....

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I have five majors, five books, two tv shows, a radio show, 76 countries at last count on this site alone, and over a million online readers to my credit. I can't thank any of you enough for all of your help and encouragement over the years; the favors and aide that has been offered me, the trust in my leadership... you are all SACRED TO ME ... even you folks I tend to hate.


Thank you.


hollywood -- where the ugliest old fucks get hot women...

You ever noticed this?  Hugh Hefner, old ugly fuck, all around bag of std's, ends up with four hot blonds.  The whole Playboy thing started in Chicago, in a nondescript building just off the famous Miracle Mile shopping district.  I suspect part of why he had to move to LA was because he could not quite find the proper level of Bimbo that he needed for his particular foray into creating a new way of living/or an old style.
The whole 'drug party with orgy' house scene would not have gained a legendary status in Chicago -- he would have had to stay underground.    In LA, where the nations morals are created by the predominate controlling method used on the masses,  they worship a dirty old man. . .   and now he has a tv show where the Blondest of Bimbos all bray like donkeys about how much they love living the party life.  Everyone of morals has to kind of look at this and see a lot of pitfalls, though no straight guy can say that they do not envy Hugh Hefner.  Hands down.  He has basically created the Muslim view of heaven.  He actually tops them, having laid well, well over just 72 women...  he lives in a Mansion with a grotto and most famous people and rock stars are dying to come to one of his parties.   There is a lot there to worship in a cultural icon.

 He  lives by the adage that all men would live like he does if they had a choice, and the guests to his castle all seem to agree.  They fuck those bunnies and drop those drugs like pros.  Hefner.  Remember when he got married?  Just before Viagra came out and set him free to be a slut again.  I was a slut just after high school. Sex was a banquet, the easy way to feel good, and almost endlessly accessible....  what a trip love became in my empty life.  I was finally accepted by another person I cared about, something that did not come easy in my family, where my eldest brother had brought a certain violence into our home life.    The only way I learned to say no to sex was to get married.   Having no money or power most of my life, I always got lovers by being handsome and easy going and bright.  I am glad that is who they wanted, and not my wallet or car.  We shared love and lust, not bank accounts.  That was enough for them... though a lot of women considered me marriageable for this reason or that, but I didn't end up with them and there were plenty of fish in sea, so what the fuck.

Women were always falling more in love with me than I somehow could get with them.  I wanted to be madly in love with them and beyond falling for another woman...  when it didn't happen, I was possibly more disappointed than they were.  If not at the time, now, as I play back the gallery of faces, the truly incredible people who were my lovers, I miss them all and regret the messy endings involved in being a slut...  or in love with someone else.  During fifteen years, I was in an open relationship, which was never going to end in marriage, really... that was never the point, and neither of us expected it, though of course at times we both wanted it.   Anyways...  I was always trying to fall in love with someone else.  Couldn't... not until she finally called it off and married someone else.  I did not become a famous writer soon enough for her.  Interesting that my break out came only after I quit the fifteen year oddessey through college that kept me feeling forever like a student and never an expert, just a sponge waiting for the saturation point that would finally start spewing out the inevitable tears of existence...

Back to those ugly old hollywood fucks.  There is a shameless class of women that think money makes up for any loss in giving a shit about being turned on by their lovers body.  A shameless decision that comes from a certain calculating type.   They get to meet movie stars, live like a queen.  Not such a bad gig  --  the actual stated goal on the resume of a grotesque number of  hot, young Hong Kong prostitutes.

What should I care about such things?  Not really my business, I suppose... except as a religious voice, as the preacher, which I sometimes allow to write in here...  a personality instilled in me by the sight of a preacher demanding everyone's respect for his words, whether they necessarily deserved them or not... in my opinion at the time, he was paid to prop up a bunch of stupid, mythical lies about a mysterious deity.

One of these lies, for some, is marriage.  Lot's of people believe in marriage who should not, obviously, since we have a 50% divorce rate.   One of two people we buy presents for, take them and run after that marriage.  Oh, well.  Our culture demands that we believe in certain myths.

Marriage is something all kids believe in, and nature instilled us a few instincts meant just for the young ones, like seratonan  (however it is spelled) bursts when we see a babies face, which most species seem to have, as we see that all sorts of species will raise babies from another's -- including us, of course.

Hefner is no breeder as society see's him.... she had this one mom, then a revolving door of other's at her dad's...  as a child, she could probably not tell them apart -- they all spoke the same speak, and smelled slightly of stale cum...

What can I say about a man who chooses to sleep with young women?  Is he somehow evil for trying to spread his view of life to others?  Playboy attempted to define a lifestyle --  though I suspect I was not alone in thinking they sucked as whack rag, and while they did do some interviews I liked, they were mostly filled with articles I didn't read... to be honest, give me a penthouse any day.   The drugs and sex habits of the sixties and seventies and eighties, the sex clubs that thrived before aids put the cabash on free-love with most...  there are the hardcore elements who will not be swayed by mere threat of death from enjoying life.

Hefner makes fame and wealth look like the Muslim version of heaven (minus that nasty virginity clause ---  I mean, do you know how much those satin sheets at the Playboy mansion costs?  They have little signs by the bed that say 'please don't bleed while you breed,' which is meant for women on the rag, but certainly would cover virgins as well).

The USA, secular as we have become, have had to find a new way of attaining glory.  Heaven was out as a serious contender when Hef showed us Heaven on earth, mocking the old Buddhist adage that life is pain, which our good lord shows me literally every day with my back...  let alone on the news of the day.

The first lie we as humans accept, is that if we were born into another's life, that we would someone act differently.  They would be the exception to the rule.   This is how they condemn people.  I have heard lots of young whites mock blacks not having jobs, when I know for a fact all these businesses that would not consider hiring a black person and the only reasons is prejudice.  Whites do not get this, and they get more jobs.  This leaves a lot of blacks in a situation where they have to seek alternative means of surviving, along the lines of welfare and drugs, which they are always blasted for by prejudiced whites who make it out like they should blame the victim.  We slam the scientiologists for believing that people make themselves sick -- like when the old folks among them die, they have failed to act on their religion and stayed healthy... every death is a failure to them  -- Jenna Elfman would not sign something for babies with aids, because she believed that they could easily think their way out of any disease.  This is bizarro, believable only with brainwashing kind of crap.

We are involved in a cultural war.  We are born into it.  Belief is transferable from fact to fiction, a psychic phenomena that we know can be manipulated by cults, the media, movies, tv and radio shows....  belief is mailable   --- the facts are not, much to the chagrin of the professional liars, but no real obstacle to getting what they want. .

A lot of people are surprised by the cultural war.  Simpson the hollywood bimbo, recently said she was no indian giver asking for some 100 grand boat she bought her love of the moment,  and the Native Americans called her out.  She has to issue an apology.  She will learn a lesson out of it -- simply that her fame comes with a few responsibilities -- if they are going to talk on the level on the press, they are going to be taken as saying something they mean, which cannot be easy for some....

Anyways.... fame and wealth.  I am officially against both until I reap the rewards of both....  bring on the sell out man....  My hand is always out for money that has no blood splattered on it...  I am not one to take a fall for anything I fucking say, believe me....

Do I want you to riot?  If you have to....  my hope is that can be avoided.  Do I want the country to discover spirituality?  Yes, but the veil of percieved Christianity has to be lifted before that is going to happen.  Reincarnation is real, and you can find out as much by going through some hypnosis and shit.  Amazing games are possible in our minds, as I was taught by an unconventional Tibetan Buddhist Monk.   There is more to spirituality than sitting in a church singing, and listening to the message of the man.

Do I think the worship of fame and wealth is going to change by eliminating the hugh hefner's?  Well. Saudi Arabia is putting to death Wizards who claim psychic power for using Black Magic.  I think these people are mostly using bad taste to pretend they are psychic, when by no known test have we ever found someone to be psychic on demand, however obvious it is with the slightest research to discover something is happening with ghosts and spirits, and they do exist.  Shit exists that is too wildly out of whack with the way we navigate the world that we simply do not believe in it... and if we do, then all these charlatans start coming into view trying to make money off of our interest.... by lying, and discrediting ghost stories.  I have experienced one that no science is ever going to dispell.  Just one.  It was enough.  I am in the majority, I would think, if you really asked people what they have experienced, not what they choose to believe, you would be amazed by the people with ghost stories.  Like this celebrity thing on tv now showing their stories.  It is rare for all these stars to come out and say this stigmatizing thing about themselves.  And all those faces...  not as easy to dismiss as words on a website.

Let the rich old men buy women.  Let that be what society smiles upon with a tv show.  Let them tell you it is nothing but mindless fun as you dangle the vision of heaven before them --- the same dangling vision that helps drive young men into becoming bomb laden suicide, getting that ticket to heaven at low, low price of one quick moment of pain before your thoughts are blasted blank one last time.  What message does it tell the young minds seeing the advertisements?  This guy would be banned in some countries, even put to death for his magazine -- which is banned by governments as porno.  What do they know that we don't?  Ever asked yourself why they so carefully guard their religion spewed culture?   All of them.  Not just the fanatics.  Like secular jews who go to all the holidays because they like the culture of being jews, all the little perks of being in the club, the retirement homes, business connections, etc... it is there and vital.  A buddy of mine said he was going to la to be a comedian, and the first thing he was going to do was hit the synagogue and see who to talk to.  He was very intent on success, and believed that humor could be explained in a few simple equations.  He could make people laugh with his formula, but he did not try to make them think.  It was a little scary to think these comedians figure out a formula that makes them funny, then slide around the comedy clubs like an insurance salesman with a tired sales pitch...

I still believe that INFORMATION IN FORMATION is the job of the artists.  The Artist Of Culture Itself, of Man Himself... that is what we are, really, those of us who choose to use the media as a weapon, and that means everyone who is going to make a difference in the world (not to mention those who only wish to appear to be doing so),  politicians and preachers and those like Hugh Hefner, who send out a message that is self-serving, mostly...  rationalizations for their own view point, like fox and The Daly Show, they show us both the evil and the goodish.  The surprise for those of us fighting the good fight, is always that anyone at all would fight against us, because we fight, mostly, against the selfishness of the ruling class, the absolute elitists who are in control of most of the money, and basically allow starvation to have a large portfolio and they do not give a damn about anyone else, or they would probably not have the money in the first place, or indeed the genes of the money maker who made the money back some generations ago....  mostly I think we should have higher taxes because I do not believe that those who have most the money are showing much noblesse oblige.  If the right hundred people were in charge of that money, we could turn this fucking planet around,  This is the secret they do not want you to know, and what drives me crazy.  I was raised hating anyone who was rich and allowed anyone anywhere to starve.  Anywhere,  Period.  I wouldn't have.  Recently Sarah Silverman, who I have the hots for and thank you for giving me your phone number and I regret that my phone, oddly enough, was not able to reach out of state numbers at that time... a courtesy brought to you by Homeland Security.... she echoed something that I have said all along, the Catholic Church should divest of their excess wealth.  They should be selling their fucking Gold.  Every time I see a Church is saying they are bancrupt and can't pay molestation victims, I tell them to melt down one of those gold fucking crowns they have...  the ones in the forms of Crosses.   That is how they use the cross in the vatican, like a goddamn crown.   Silverman said the vatican should melt the gold and feed the poor.  Something I have been thinking since I heard how much wealth they had.

I make certain people uncomfortable with the way I write about wealth.  Once I pissed off the poetry crowd in toledo ohio so much that the boyfriend of a rich heiress who liked to come to the readings, and his two buddies who also married rich women and went around playing poets their whole lives through without ever having to make a living at anything,  wrote a poem condemning me.  I was shocked by it at the time.  I did not realize that the poem I wrote pissed off people.  It was about being object oriented so much that you take people as objects too.  It was pretty clear in the  poem, I thought ... meaning no one got it but me, maybe but making it against the wealthy wasn/t even there...

One night I heard Stewart say something about hating the rich, then going.... wait that is me now?  I didn't want to be taken wrong on this issue, so I wrote that any fool can get rich, it just matters what you do from there.... I could be wrong.  Maybe Christ was right when he said it was almost impossible to get into heaven if you were rich?  He also showed a rich guy who got into Heaven, too, though... so he wanted both points made.  Anyways....

My work here was actually just to ramble around and bury an order for my soldiers to start rioting... oh so soon.   If they  do not cut off what Steven King is the latest to point out....  the DOME OF SILENCE they are keeping me in.  He made the point in the advertisement that I saw to say that all that can get out is some phone, and the internet.... exactly the case with me.  He also wrote that mankinds only salvation is under the dome.  Thank you for that touch.  Steven King at his best is unrivaled.  I read him with total awe when I was a kid.   I am pleased to have such a strong voice in my chorus, and humbled...  the information keeps me alive inside.  You know what I mean....    we are all in this together.... in formation  information.  Let no one stop us.  Period.   We cannot get lost criticizing ugly cultural icons like Hefner.  Better to dwell on how the blonds all get instant, probably Minnie, careers  --  they pay for their shot at fame the old fashioned way, draw fame itself into the oldest profession....  Oh, well.   I cannot pretend to know what cards life has dealt them.  To judge them as anything more than a cultural icon would make me like the witch hunters in saudi arabia in a way.   I would be trying to prop up my ideas with a healthy opposition .... unfortunately, like those who use the mythic jewish conspiracy, it just ain't there....  The media creates their import, and only in the media do they have import.   This is why they are dangerous as hell in a way, whether they feel like they are, or have specific reasons for being who they are.  In ones private life, this is fine... in the public life, one becomes an icon to some, and you might as well be a religious icon for the effect that you can have.   Hugh wanted to be the icon for a certain lifestyle.   He had the money and horniness and access to bimbos to do just that.   He was the sophisticated slut, beyond religious considerations of his sexuality.  Like animals.  This is something that I think leads in the correct direction,  because Marriage has for many years, and still does in places, resembled a form of slavery, another person who you have to get a dowery from the parent because you are going to have to support....  I had an arab friend once tell me to never let the woman carry the money, that it was bad for them.  I could see why you would do this to another person, control their spending and all that as a means of control  ===  the first feminist protests in the states centered around women keeping money from selling eggs, and the whole town went apeshit over the protest against the bibles dictate that women serve men.  This dictate has cost Christianity more feminists than those fucking priests ever want to count...

Marriage is breaking down because it can break down.   That is one way to look at it.  Divorce, being readily accepted, has kept millions of people from being trapped in lifeless, or even abusive, relationships.  Another is that there is nothing sacred anymore, so why should marriage be?  The vow with God is just a formality.

I remember how hard my parents divorce was on me, and how free my sister felt afterwards.  She loved it.  My dad was an alcoholic and mom was better off without him.  Her view.  Ours was young enough that we thought no matter what, people loved each other.  The love of the family seemed to generate from my mother and father, to me.... that they could break up was disturbing in ways I had not before been disturbed... deep in my center something broke.  This happened just before I became sexually active.   I would have been a lion on rut no matter what, but this could not have helped shape my view of long term relationships.  Hefner effecting my view of life a lot back then.   I believed that we were naturally slutty creatures who should sleep with whoever turned us on... a very innocent view, which denied the deeper implications of sleeping with someone, the longing to bond with another on a level that includes forever....  an instinct built into us for the children, that some people get to develop into the deepest friendships of their lives...  fifty years of great love or even okay love from the same person, from the perspective you tend to trust more than any others.... if you are lucky, like me, and date smart women...   is without worth. And that is so because it is instinctual to bond and mate with one person to raise a child... it is also instinctual to wish to impregnate any female that comes around us.     Oh, well...

By the way, in Arabia, they marry the prostitutes, temporarily, so they can boff off within their religion.  Interesting huh,,,

The Violence in Our Household was pretty much just my oldest brother, and me... sorry to say.  I only remember punching one of my brother's once, but they tell me that I hit them a lot more.  I am not surprised, since they could both be little shits at times, especially the youngest, and since I was bigger, and bigger people  got their way in my family, my half-blood siblings had shown me all my life...  of course I also lived in a neighborhood full of kids who liked to fight.  Every sporting event could be expected to end in a fight at any second, let alone any time you meet certain people who you are fighting with from the last fight....  or the person was just a big bully, who if confronted didn't mind showing you he could box your head into mush.

My older brother paul, who got over this and became a good brother to me, if distant, certainly did numbers violent enough to get him tried as an adult at this point in time -- dropping me on my head over two flights of stairs is pretty extreme for a teenager and a four year old.
He really hated me for reasons that were vaguely related to my father not being his father, who despite being really stupid had cared for his kids like no other, had a great job on the railroad and built them a huge slide in their barn... a 30 year old man.  To my dad, 45 and with it pretty easy, working for his dad and drinking hard whenever the hell he wanted,  gathering buddies at bars along the route for 20 years, he had friends everywhere.  Drinking buddies.  A lot of army guys.  WW2.  Legion Hall members.  VFW folk who drank at a semi-private bar with gambling.  Anyways...  not the perfectly committed father, he actually had a life outside of the family.   And with six kids, really, any moment is stolen from them in a way.


more free words for you

let no one tell you nothing


look elsewhere

under rocks and in coloring books

demi-gods of psycho psuedo science
claims of knowledge of the mind

lights in the unconscious
memory dreams lingering thru the rising sun


how my opinions change

fears du jour chisel the words the in the web

i was reading through my old entries, from 2008, and remembering how much I was convinced that we were wrong to be fighting in Iraq when the Taliban was our real target.  I was much more sure that we were in some ways right to battle fundamentalist, terroristic extremists on their land, before they are allowed to carry out their dream strikes against us.  I still believe they have to be taken very seriously, but I am much less convinced that the solution is going to be our military on the ground.  I guess you roll the dice, wonder who is right?  The fearful or military minded who say that this Al Queda army is going to go to war with us no matter what, so we might as well fight now, rather than later...  or those who say put down the guns before you talk.   Get the troops out, let the countries work out their problems -- give them money and exprts.

I was pretty much resigned that Bush would not end the wars.  I wanted that for awhile, people were pushing it...  but I also wanted to know that the Taliban was not going to just wait us out and take over when we left Afghanistan, or leave the country of Iraq in ruins.  Not to mention the whole terrorists over there talking about wanting to blow up Washington D.C....  So no peace came.  The fighting went on.  I wanted to believe that people were dying for a reason, not some chaos...  for ideals, not the military industrial complex and the oil companies.  We went to war because 9-11 felt like Pearl Harbor to a lot of people.    We wanted blood for blood... or as is the american way, we wanted a few gallons for every drop they spilled.

Now they are again asking for more troops.  The civilians do not want them there.  And our soldiers are depressed, killing themselves, and just all around fatigued;  if we want to improve their moral, we should tell them day they are going to get to leave the war zone.  Pakistan has army enough to take care of the Taliban, now that the recent spat of suicide bombings have rallied them against the terrorists.  Before this they were seen as heroes, but now that the 'chickens have come home to roost,' the population realizes the hells they have brought to life by romanticizing war and jihad.

I have somehow gone full circle in the last few years.  I have watched the rise of the Taliban with horror, really, and was glad when we went after the terrorists there.  I have wanted to see Saddam Hussein tried for his sins against humanity since i first learned about the guy. I did not think we should invade the country at the time, though I surely wanted to see the politics there change.   I don't believe we were fundamentally wrong about doing what we wanted to do.  Iraq under a nut-case serial killer with nukes was something we had to try to stop at almost any cost.  Then we found out most of that was a lie, though the mindset of the hawks was that sooner or later, this guy will get them, even if he does not have them now.

Now I read over these old entries and am a bit frightened by my certainty.  I grew up in a world that taught me that sometimes you have to fight... I still believe this.  We have this thing, this army, that can basically try to do good, and defend us around the world... a tremendous tool that sets us apart from almost every other nation.    When you use this tool, though, sometimes it is like black magic, you may get what you want, but it will exact a cost....  we put our curse on the Taliban, mix the spell with dead of our young, the dollars out of our pockets....  the healthcare and the schools...  An army.  A ten edged sword that cuts in unexpected places.

I am glad that we are protected by what is maybe the finest armed forces in the world.  They should ideally be on the forefronts of freedom;  the fundamentalist madness they are fighting in Afganistan alarms the hell out of me.  I imagine that happening here and think I would welcome the fucking Calvary coming in.  In afganistan and Iraq and probably pakistan, the populations are war weary, stressed, and scrambling to hold on in a war zone;  anyone who offers them stability is going to get customers, even the Taliban.    We have brought the fucking wrath of God down on these people.   It has lasted too long and they want something else.

Some people become so convinced that what they want is attainable, that they work themselves to death for an idle dream that never comes true.  Sad facts.  Most fail.  Success is not the norm.

I so want to paint this picture of war in glorious colors, get all treacle over the flags --  for the sake of fallen soldiers, you hate to say war is totally pointless and wrong.   That kind of attitude is unrealistic in the USA.   We have an army and we use it when we feel we have to.  I have benefited from the armed forces of america, as has most everyone in the states.  They have certainly been ill used at times, as all armies are.  I feel for them tremendously.  The young faces always make me think how little of life i had seen when I was their age.  19 years old.  20 and pregnant with her first kid.  Honored by the high schools they just left.  You get to thinking that nothing happening in the middle east is worth this parade of corpses.

Then you have to wonder...  what is worth a parade of corpses?  What is worth torture, extraordinary renditions, the patriot act and the loss of even the illusion of privacy and civil liberties?    We are much better at destroying governments than we are building new ones.  Afghanistan is now run by a man who is surrounded by the kind of corruption you almost expect in a war zone, and uses it to stay in power by stealing elections.   A lot of people in Iraq and Afganistan were happy when we first got there... but after all these years, they are going, "Fucking eh, we thought it was bad then...  but this shit is worse."
The Afgani's want us out, polls say.  Iraqi's, too.   I guess that brings us to the question of what are our objectives there now?   We still want to kill Al Qaeda, the primary target from all those years ago, but is that even necessary now?  Would the countries find peace and stability, if not justice, if we left right now?  Would this look like Somalia?  Would our idealogical enemies declare victory?  Are there really any winners here at all?

Only the future will tell us what we have achieved in the middle east. Almost every politician in the states voted for these wars.  We almost have to believe, collectively, that they have achieved something, that we got... something... for all that blood, besides just a bloodthirsty sense of revenge.  An elaborate response to the 911 attackers, orchestrated by a bunch of oil related politicians who saw it as, among other things, one hopes, a chance to get a government in Iraq that would let us get our hands on some their oil money.   This is what a lot of Iraqi's and Taliban believe.   I hate to think of some idealistic soldier getting shot in the head by a sniper who thinks they are there for the oil.

No good way to say I was wrong, no good way to say I was right.  Truth only works in limited spheres.  I can say that I was right for these reasons, and wrong for those...  both arguments as convincing and true as the other.

I met a soldier once who told me that the reason the first bush pulled the troops out of Iraq without taking Baghdad during the first invasion, was because they believed that Saddam had nukes, and would use them if they tried to take him down.  I wonder if that is the real reason they backed off?  I doubt it.  But that is what they feared, and perhaps why we stopped?  Who can say what would have happened if we had not gone to war?   Would we have suffered more terrorist attacks?  Would Saddam have gotten a nuke and decided to invade someone else, thinking no one was going to risk getting nuked to stop him?  Almost certainly we would have been hit by more terrorists.

Anytime you fight, you risk an escalation of the conflict.  You have  to then reevaluate the situation, ask  yourself if this is the battle you intended, and if not, should you back off and try something else less costly.  Right now, we are battling two foes that we did not think we would have to, at first... The Taliban, it seemed, were pretty much crushed in Afganistan, or at least fleeing to another country.  Saddam was gone.  Okay, so who are we fighting now?  People who have come in since the war escalated.  New fighters.  People who are either ordered by their warlords or provoked by religious passion or driven by monetary concerns.

This is not the war my mind signed on for when I wrote about winning over pre-scientifica-head-in-the-assica.  Now, our presence is a recruiting tool for extremists.  Every civilian causality a poster child for our enemies.

Don't we have a moral obligation to bring people into the light of the scientific 20th century with our wondrous new liberal ethics, women's issues, etc...  sounds stupid but there is nothing wrong with that.  Except the age old wisdom about people hating armed missionaries.  On principal, mind you...  just more folks telling you what to do and giving you no choice in the matter  - that does not involve getting shot or imprisoned.

What if the politicians refuse to stop the war?  What then?  Will they again be able to convince the population that we are in a winnable conflict, with true objectives we can achieve?  What if we just stop believing them?  What if we say...

Okay, enough is enough...  we have as a people tried to put the best face on this war out of necessity, out of respect for the dead  and wounded, as well as sometimes a sense of purpose, to stop terrorism and tyranny.  I don't know how people could live with themselves otherwise.  I pity the people who think their children are dying in complete vain over there.  I pray that isn't true.  To me, they died for something...  even if that was just a youthful, romantic need to do something important with their lives, that has to be enough.

They say soldiers fight mostly for the people in their small units, not for the over-all conflict.  Maybe those small skirmishes where they fought for just staying alive is the only battle some vet's will think they were fighting?  Surely, some come home and say get the troops out.... for all kinds of reasons.

I really thought Obama would mean peace.  I wrote in here, when bush had a year and a half to go, that I was glad Bush was there to fight the Taliban at least, but I would be much happier when Peace followed up... which I meant to be Obama.    I was kind to Bush that day, and pretended he wanted Peace as much as I did.   But I knew, no matter what I wrote, they were not going to stop the war because of some stoned blogger in Chicago.  Of course, I wrote all that when I believed no one was reading me.  An impulse that rose up in me after i had that first seizure and the mysterious coma.... everything was becoming intensely mystical for me, but at heart there was just old plain realism.  Between Obama who did not vote for the war, and Bush, it was pretty easy to see who was most likely to end the war.


Yep that Higgins is on the mark...

selective assasins

destroy the life holding the view
destroy the view
the odd thinking that killing the messanger
will send the rioting crowds home

i have been muzzled, drugged, bugged, harassed
the rhetoric of revolution from a leftest
of course drew their ire
writers get files when they write critical books about the CIA
study under known radicals who are watched by the FBI
during Cointelpro the fbi was exposed as practicing the divine art of driving people to suicide
a litany of sick mind games and assisantions
from years of doctoring evidence in their labs
to funding right wing radicals...

now they pay bloggers to try to insight right wingers to violence
coaching him on how to stay 'just this side' of the law
as the demand blood from the left
classic agent provocateur coaching a writer on how to get their enemies killed

they would like to see these people  attacked
that is about the only conclusion you can come to for acting this recklessly
sure they might say they were just trying to snuff out right wing terrorists...
of course that didn't work out at all either...
the spies the spies the spies ...  i pity them their senseless lives of lies

the FBI's  nazi fanatic finally did go too far

started blogging about how someone should kill some federal judges
put maps of their houses on his website
they threw him in jail for that
the fbi long ago crawled under the covers with the right wing
got an orgy going with these red-necks
who else would they align themselves with when they felt like they were at war with the blacks?
everyone hopes we have moved past that point... so who do they think they at war with now?
fucking dj's like me?  John Lennon?  Suds Terkel?  20K more a day added to the millions
under domestic surveillance in my home country....  how welcome we feel
freaks some out too much for them to continue
got Hemingway locked up by  convincing his family that they were not FBI following him

I figure I already got them on my ass
so am I going to care or not?
I can't change the lawless actions protected by their national security decrees
the patriotism act that ironically silences me -- an actual patriot
isn't that astounding...

Declaring Something A National Security Matter is the governments way of making it go away
no one has to take the blame
no money is payed
no reputations tarnished
no votes cost

they try to keep me in a silent file
when the guy came up to me at the beach and told me to write childrens books
or just make them up in my head and never write them down

I was like -- who the hell are you to ask me lie about one damn thing?
What the fuck loyalty do I owe the government?

Puzzling Evidence All Over The Globe
some you can ferret out -- most hidden away

we sent an army to afganistan that opened back up the opium fields
can not deny our part in supporting heroins flow around the globe
80 percent of the worlds smack
from a lawless patch of mountain land

got all involved in bringing in coke
with the contras
told our little gangs of terrorists to go ahead and fund their war with drugs

try and tell ourselves in our heart of heart we know it is getting better
that we are getting better
the phonetics of survival
reinforced with the faith of prayer
propped up by a mere resignation to make the best of

bandaged  with ideology
the foxhole where they learn to pray
 for a god specific enough
 to understand their pain
forgive their sins

puzzling evidence is something i ripped off from the talking heads.  I have watched david byrne's film True stories over and over and consider it my favorite of all.



For all intents and purposes, we are now at war in Afganistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.  And we are getting our asses kicked all over the place.  However anyone felt about these wars, you have to admit that the best way to look at the situation is the here and now.  Drop all pretenses of good and bad, whether we should even be there in the first place, whether we have a moral right to try to protect the citizens of earth from fanatics and royalists no matter what boarders they live within..  come down to a purely military  way of looking at what is happening.  If you laid out what is happening with our army  on a Risk board, and you were playing our allied troops, you would basically just be waiting for someone to finally decimate you so you can go watch tv.

Yesterday I read about we were paying insiders to bribe the Taliban and Warlords to get the civilian contracted trucks of supplies into the troops.  Meaning we are giving millions and millions to our enemy.  When I first heard this a paranoid voice in the back of my head started jabbering about the military industrial complex starting a war and keeping it going by paying both sides.  Of course, it was nothing so grand.  Just the stupid, fucked up, dog and pony show of a war that we are running.

I believe in leaving a more just society than we invaded and replaced.  Believing in something as an ideal does not make it so.  I would like to see us put some kind of democracy in place... all the valid dreams we dream here in the states.  The reasons we keep thinking we have to fight -- because, well, someone has to and we have the biggest army....  and say what you want about multi-cultural ism,  when you have institutionalized brutality for women and minorities that extends to burkas and keeping them out of schools, that is a form of slavery to the Law that should be FORCED on no one.

Unfortunately, in our pursuit of whatever goals these wars had -- I kind of understood Afghanistan, and Saddam was the first of what will be many wars over the middle east and nuclear weapons, more than likely... ---  we have ignited a religion against us that transcends boarders, and is willing to brutalize the civilian population in ways we don't (normally speaking).  This week, a doctor, raised in america and schooled in radical Islam, shot 13 soldiers at Fort Hood while screaming God is great.  Our intent, we keep saying, is not to go to war with Muslims, just the terrorists.  Unfortunately, the terrorists are the tip of the ice berg, obviously;  they are not isolated, lone wolfs, they are the product of cultures that hate the US for even being in the middle east, and are willing to believe the wildest shit about why we are there.

What we have done in the middle east will have a lasting effect.  For good and bad.  I just hope that we do not end up staying merely to protect unpopular puppets in armed encampments.

I say pull out all the troops.  Start no new bases in Iraq.  Create good will by saying, we have done what we could, and since we do not have the support of the civilians, we are leaving.  The choice is yours.  Hell, let them vote about it.  Let them vote us out.  Give them a voice in their own destiny, and the good will we buy will be lasting.

Spend the wars money developing alternative forms of energy so we are no longer reliant on the middle east.

The Generals of course want more troops.  They see how they are surrounded.  Maybe they could fight their way across these three countries.  At what cost, and why?  To win?  There are not going to be any winners in this war. Period.  All we are deciding now is how many more losers there are going to be, on our side and theirs -- the losers of lives, fathers, mothers, sons...  limbs, sanity, childhoods, educations, marriages...  Polls are showing the people in Afganistan are back to wanting the Taliban again, because of the chaos we have caused - just letting Opium production shoot up again killed our credibility dead in the water with a lot of people.

We owe it to ourselves now to stop Bush's War.  We are trying to save Face now.  Honor our dead by claiming them some victory.  I think they would be honored more by the lives saved by removing US forces from the middle east.

I hardly trust Osama Bin Laden, but he is a trend setter over there.  One of his last messages said that if we leave, and stop supporting Israel, that they will leave us alone.  Whether this is true or not, the fighters in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan will leave us alone because we will not be there.

The best way to support the troops now is to begin asking the powers that be to stop all fighting, and begin negotiating -- I mean, if the guys driving our trucks of food to the soldiers know the Taliban well enough to pay them off to use the road, we can obviously find these guys and start talks.  I am sure there are some now somewhere off the map.  What the hell?  See if they will agree to cease fire if we let the countries vote on our presence.  Show them a little democracy, tip our hats and go.


strange trues

run around in circles screaming out obscenities
why the hell not
 i suppose
you can drink that away
dance everywhere
you would have walked
if you're wasted enough
or want to be watched enough
liked enough
loved for the sake of love itself
too wasted to care about a straight guys sneer

strange trues litter the landscape of lies
bits of something half-hidden
under scraps of old newspapers and discarded boxes

passing through cars
 buses and trains
from one end of a life to another
start out being carried
end up
irritated by the weight of the baggage
travelers of necessity with nowhere to go

hamsters all
the wheel

once in awhile
you get what you deserve
a raise or a jail cell
worth becomes tangible
the politics of the moment
ends up holding the only import
 in the entire damn universe

the struggles between our personal lives
and our government has never been more raw
always gonna be David and Goliath
just ain't always gonna end in That Old Fashioned Bible Justice
in this country where we tell ourselves the citizens rule
through the voting booths
a rigged game
where New York sells out to a billionaire
who considers the 150 mill he spent to win chump change
and all them voters

makes me sick to think a man can buy the mayorship of one of the big three
Daley keeps Chicago in control with a mafioso hearted tribe of precinct workers
highly paid alderman whipped into control by a machine that can make or break

The perennial candidates
set up kissing booths to earn the money to buy buttons/tv ads/lawn signs
private jets, etc...
the lobbyists line up around the block
expecting tongue
no matter what the hell they had for lunch

maybe not your pet politician

 maybe not

maybe not            you




happens if you vote that hopeful vote
gotta be careful who you please with this life
and reckless about who you piss off

Today the politicians are debating a watered down environmental bill
that will have little
to no
impact on the evolution of our atmosphere into corrosive acids
pleasing to the economy and  a big fuck you to the future

sacrifice the future on a fiscal altar

cling to that lifestyle
cling to that idea that anyone who wants to can make it in the states
cling to that idea that the corrupt politicians really have good intentions
cling to the idea that the corporations are not raping the world around us
cling to the idea that the population explosion will not wipe away life as we know it
cling to the idea that the silence of the earth is her last word on the way we have treated her
try to hold on to ancient beliefs
 that those same writers
would not hold today
the best minds of their times took into account new science with a hunger
we superstitiously run from

20/20 hindsight is going to give us the only truth of what we have done
We will respond way too late

25 years down the road
some will admit they were wrong
or their grandfathers were wrong
or the times were wrong

the final reckoning should be hyperbole for fiction writers
not the prevailing goddamn scientific thought

let whatever the hell acre of earth your soul erupted on
decide what you are going to think
fit in, man, fit in...
read self help books
to create a game that can get you up in the morning
produce pleasing emotional states
with prayer and song
sink into the zen of the moment
until the sun sets one last time
and those horizons just go away forever

the hammer hit the nail and it did not budge

He watched the kid smacking the hammer over and over on the nail.   It might be a fucking toy but there was something wrong about never being able to feel that nail slamming down into wood.  That seemed reason enough to get out a real hammer, board and some nails.

What the hell, it wasn't like it was going to cost him 45.40, like that the damn 'Little Builders' charge that he had come across on his VISA Card Statement.  He'd just went out to the garage to an old rabbit hutch that had been waiting to be torn down for 4 years and some odd months, tore a board off with AS FEW RUSTY NAILS AS POSSIBLE (he would later tell everyone that he had to legally or otherwise describe the night to), searched around in a few kitchen drawers for the hammer and box of nails, and gave them to the kid.

Everything was fine at first.  Then he realized, abruptly, why giving a real hammer and nails to a two year old could cause problems.  The first indications of trouble, as was so often the case with the boy, were the blood curdling screams.  In  what he would later swear was no less than three seconds, the boy managed to get a nail stuck into his thigh   (the child welfare workers would not believe him as to the timing, and the etiquette of the situation had required that he not add, as he did with his hipper friends when he told the story, 'maybe it was just the weed.').   Not in very deep, but even as he was screaming, the kid was getting ready to hit the nail again, as if that was the right punishment for it hurting his leg.

He was going to stop this, too...  but he couldn't help but pause and wonder if that kid really was stupid enough to do it?  Just long enough for the kid to prove that indeed he was quite stupid enough.

He had seen the cowboys poor whisky on a wound enough times to resent the cops bitching about the kid smelling like Jack Daniels.  And yes, he did make the kid sip it to help stop the pain, but that was about the only chance he had of getting some quite while he waited for his wife to get home and bitch at him over the blood.

Looking at him all covered in red, he couldn't help, as he always did when the kid somehow managed to injure himself under his watchful eye, but fantasize again about having had the kid aborted.  He kept tellinghis wife he was meaning to drag his her out behind the pick up, or at least punch her a few times in the gut...    but he put off the abortion until it was too late, so he just kind of let it go.  Next thing he knew, she was gone for a few days and came back with this screaming thing.

 Oh, it was cute sometimes....  at least he could sell pictures of the thing to internet nerds (he had no idea they were pedophiles, and indeed would be three weeks into his court case before he realized what the word meant... the way he jumped up from his chair after the judge explained the word and mercilessly beat the other defendants went a long way with the jury, got him off....  though he had just seen something on Law and Order about earning prison cred by beating pedophiles and was bored with all the fucking talking heads on what he had begun to believe was the Court TV channel, drunk as he always was and nodding off and waking--so much so that his occasional outburst of 'change the channel,' got him ejected from the proceedings for three days;  he would later admit none of this, and indeed, would still not quite understand that he had not been charged with riding a bike on the sidewalk, as he had before the word 'pedophile' was explained in court).

So there he was now...  sitting in the park, where he was probably going to have to sleep...

The wife came home and he caught her at the door, before she could see the kid, hugged her close, kissed her neck and told her, "Tonight, we are going to not have any fights... just you and me, in love, having a nice night...  I owe you that."

It worked until she saw the kid.   As she started asking him if he had always been a moron, he tried to no avail to remind her of the vow he had elicited like 3 seconds before she started screaming.

Then she thinks he needs a doctor....

He tried to tell her that he poured whiskey on the kid so that took care of any need for a tetenous shot, and that he too was worried about the bleeding, which is why he had put the kid in a trash bag, to save what he could of the carpet and furniture.  He had even told her, "If he needs a damn infusion, he can have my blood.  I'll do it, even if I have to smoke some fucking  crack to deal with the pain.  For the children."  She didn't believe him and he was about to go out and score some crack and show her, when she started dialing 911.   The cops of course showed up immediately.

Like they had told his wife on various occasions, "Give us an excuse to beat this guys ass, and we will be in here in seconds."

What a life he told himself, what a life.  If he was to blame for anything, it was being too right about everything.


scanning the news, planning the radio show, the next RISING, so to speak

turn on the music and The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff starts me thinking in battle mode, trying to remember why I fight, what it is for, and who...

There are certain groups that I feel like I have joined at the Alamo.  Maybe Little Big Horn, laying behind the horse I had to shoot dead to hide from a hail of arrows . . .  cursing Custard for leading us to the slaughter.  Issues where I feel like defeat is almost part of the deal when you enter that battle.

I watch Democracy Now, that depressingly accurate broadcast -- the tv equivalent of the Nation, fascinating and yet sickening/another wedge between myself and what is going on in this world.  Everything is so fucking serious now.  Lives dying fast and furious while they wait for the politicians to do as they were elected for;  on veteran's day I hear that more vet's are dying from being uninsured, than are killed in Iraq.  This is just one segment that is effected by this capitalism gone wild horror.  A  poignant one on this day.

I am trying to hammer out my own political beliefs.  They do not fit into any cookie cutter.  No communist or capitalist gets my full backing...  there is a balance in all things, and they are off right now... this I do know.  How to correct this is not as difficult as it is made out to be, except in one respect -- political will of the people to protest and agitate to drive their politicians to act is lacking.  That said, I see this country as needing to move radically left on certain issues, including environmentalism and social safety nets.  The government at its best could step in right now, and start a rebirth of this nation, a WPA program would certainly spread money to people who will spend it right away, and the savings in local budgets of towns and states that benefit from the waves of artists and builders and etc that fan across the country will help local economies.  Take the money out of the wars, and bring it home....  where it is needed NOW.

A war on our own poverty and excess.  A balancing of wall street and main street and the back streets.  This time around, these movements have to be generated by interesting large sections of the internet audience in participating in politics.  Higher taxes are just going to have to be a reality for the upper-crust.  The utter collapse of the mythical trickle down economy into economic chaos, and the demeaning of the lifestyles of the many for the largess of the few that resulted from the Last few decades of tax cuts, means we have to try something else.

When a government concentrates on the interests of a few sectors of their societies to the exclusion of most of their citizens, an adjustment is required, to say the least.  Pointing out the obvious here this morning.

Anyways, the radio show...  I have the first show laid out, ready to record the promos and some poetry soon.   I have decided the primary way I am going to generate interest is by being funny.  This is easy with my  comedy short stories laying there ready to be read.  The radio show will be on podcast, which will basically mean that anyone can listen to the comedy whenever they want.  The world is just too fucking dark to do the show I want without a lot of laughs.  They will be dark and sexually disgusting at times, inappropriate in ways that are not open to more conventional comedians who have to cater to a 'public image.'  The joy of being a guy in a housecoat on a quiet street tapping words into a laptop.

Democracy in action.  The first way I am going to get the word out on this thing, is to contact with a form letter of sorts, groups who instigate protests.  Then I will call, find out who I could contact or where to go to get this info.  I will make a blog just for the radio show, where the protests will also be listed for the week.  This will get the word out about the show with groups who have the most to gain by listening to me -- free spirits and the literati and societies missionary types.

Anyways....  this is boring the hell out of me.  Must have bored you even more.


Puking Politics

hits the stomach like a punch
nauseous throbs just under the diaphragm
choking bitter up through the throat and into the mouth

convulsions spewing out the days events
into the toilet of net

hard to laugh when your guts are in betrayal

the people who turned out to vote for Obama
stayed away from the polls the next year
the swing into severe depression in direct relation to the lost elation
basic theory of relativity -- it has no shame

beaten back again
put in our place
told -- elections were always a parlor trick of lies
and anyone who thinks differently needed a lesson in politics anyways

we never learn of our defeat
we are told the war never ended
that we have elected a class of warriors to battle for us in the halls of congress

Machiavellian misanthropes by nature and mission
prowl halls of power

they debate the greenhouse as if we can stop it

as if we had the political will to force the oil barons to move their money elsewhere

i learned in astronomy 101 in toledo ohio in 1986 that once the greenhouse starts
it is self-perpetuating... doesn't need us anymore to create a completely acid environment on earth

maybe some miracle of innovation will save us... the million and one shot...
some scratch off lotto ticket that tells us we have won a God

i did not used to feel responsible
i grew up seeing the decay and felt like the world's fate was sealed long before I arrived


treacle, treacle, little treacle....

makes my emotions flow
thru the cold logic
cold gazes
cold shoulders
cold killers

the dead soldiers and righteous rage against the simply unfair

ts eliot asked,

Those corpses you planted last summer?  Have they begun to sprout?

i am afraid i will stop feeling
i have seen these people
filled with silent hate
smuggingly convinced THEY ARE RIGHT

the racists 

the accidently predators
guys who drunkenly used to call at women out of my cab
scaring the hell of them...  I had to explain this over and over to them
once the guys understood they stopped...

tell yourselves THE ZOMBIES LEARN\





YOU might as well join the dervish
drink up a euphoria
anything to bandage the wounds of merely watching this fucked up show
listen to the ministers telling you to step into their wonderland
see eternal life as a reward for our lives of despair

life is pain the buddha told the monks.... Life is PAIN

why not trade yourself for one of the pre-proggramed personas
go join a frat and learn the corporate lingo/how to obey the group above all over


sad but true tales from the land of not so free....

In 29 states, it’s still legal to fire
someone solely because they’re lesbian, gay, or bisexual.  


SOUTHPARK is my favorite show (at least until warren the ape starts on MTV).  As far as I am concerned, if anyone gets Mark Twain's legacy on tv, it is this crew.   They are producing true art...  That wrote, let me say that I cringe every fucking time they use 'gay' and 'fag.'  Mary Ann makes her little grunt that she does when Southpark does certain things... including Hawkins fucking Mr. and Mrs. Garrison, and the Mr. Garrison where he wanted to be molested by his dad, when they made it out like his dad gave in...  This is a show that plays a lot with gender, and even invented a couple characters to balance out how unbalanced Mr. Garrison was, Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave.  They are aware of this criticism, obviously.  This show was a response to it, again...  I sometimes wish these two would just start fucking each other, instead of sublimating everything into their art... mostly I am just glad that they are consistently amusing.  Look at the Simpsons -- they have basically abandoned the idea of being funny--M.  won't even watch it anymore.  McFarlane, who I liked a lot there for awhile in 07, and 08....  has been losing it lately.  The Cleveland show is a complete abortion, even with the addition of a Bear.  I love the idea of the Bear, but...  well, he should occasionally eat the mail man or something, because he is kind of boring.  I fear his talent is going to be wasted, just like Groening on the Simpsons (his cartoons in the local free newspaper show his brilliance still exists, it just isn't on the show anymore).  Both of these guys are better than the face we are seeing right now.

Last night, the boys from Colorado (who moved to Hollywood for reasons that are still vague to me) tried to confront the one really stupid aspect of this show -- their use of 'fag' and 'gay' as a derogative term.  Well, they tried to pretend they only use 'fag' and not gay....   They even brought out Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave protesting against 'fags,' who they made out to be bikers with Harley's...  are they trying to get their asses kicked?  I can only hope the Hell's Angel's weren't watching, because these are some of societies most important comedians.

They actually confront issues, and think for themselves in ways that others are afraid to touch because they might lose their audience ( i REFER TO such traitors as steve martin, who went from writing for a political show the gov. shut down, to avoiding politics his entire career -- with the exception of trying to slam me -- which is interesting, since i know he is a sell-out first and foremost, and now i realize he is also someone who slams a writer who cannot even defend himself except here in this blog--I ever meet him, I will not say one damn word -- I will simply kick his cowardly ass from here to the fucking moon;  his kind stopped the revolution of the sixties...  if there was a real leftist purge, he would be swinging in the wind... sorry to keep going on about this guy, but he is such a fucking douche bag...  k. Griffin, an honest political voice, who of course came up in Chicago, said he was such a douche bag that she thought he acted like someone who was trying to act like a douche bag.  I know I am never going to have any effect on this dude's career while he is alive, but I assure you...  the written word lasts a hell of a lot longer than a slap-stick comedian).

Now, mark and trey have to try to protect their legacy, so they are probably not going to change this stand... but it would be an incredible stroke of genius if they just came out and apologized for this lapse, and promised not to do it again.  The kids who they pretend define 'fag' differently ... well, I don't think anyone is buying this except their staff.

Come on, you two, admit your mistake and move on... rationalizing your behavior like this is adding to the suicide rate of young gays... not to mention, stopping them from getting the important messages in this show. Standing by some kind of free-speech issue, or the artists use of a word having only contextual meaning, or however you rationalize this...  takes away from your brilliance.  Why have this shitty mark on your legacy?

Again, I expect nothing from this opinion.  I know you guys read me, though....  so that is just something to think about....

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