A blood soaked Arthur IS RISING

Gonzo journalism and fiction is a tricky mix.... Welcome to my razor's edge.


I am an elf in the attic making mind toys with sharp edges; an educated writer who gets good reviews, who you can read for free in the rough form of first drafts on the web, or purchase in a book form.
The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is intelligent non aggressiveness. This is called the mastery of men.


Welcome to you, I am John Scott Ridgway, Novelist, Poet, Blogger, Radio and TV writer and actor... five books, also paint in oils and acrylics. I am poet warrior of sorts, a non violent radical, personally, though understanding of those who choose other paths IN THE EIGHTY PLUS COUNTRIES AT LAST COUNT THAT came in this blog ...

The predicted revolutions in the USA and around the would are going to

be violent in the next twenty years, is what the CIA says. I want them to stay peaceful, which is the only way to win this struggle between haves and have nots. They have more guns, we have more people,, and they include the mothers and sisters and brothers of the people they will ask to fight us.... I think they underestimate the police.

NEVER ACCEPT APPEASEMENT OVER JUSTICE. By any means necessary is the reality. . . the USA can be spared stupid wars, but other countries. . . need different solutions. . .

The number of Countries that have come in to have a look at this blog humbles me. Thank you very much.



PROFESSIONALS, HOPEFULLY, like the police, military, etc...

understanding that violence is sometimes needed

does not mean I like anything about the sound

of fists hitting faces

Boxing is too much for me

make me feel like I am watching

dog fights with toothless pitbulls

"I am an artist first, and a politician second," as John Lennon said.

My intentions are to stop the violence from entering into

revolutionary wars

the CIA


will break out in the next twenty years all over the

world, including here...

But Ill tell ya,

if there is not some redistribution of

wealth here there and everywhere




My intentions is to keep these protests peaceful

so we can win

without bloodshed

Total War for Total Peace

Never incites violence

or destroys property

you should be able

to go to protests with strollers and babies

parents feeling as safe as the police

Now, poetry...

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...


A blood soaked Arthur has risen

be aware

be very aware

total war
for total peace
is being fought

THERE will be many ways to die
and only one to live
give and give and give
until the worlds downtrodden and oppressed
can begin to forgive
before things get bloody and ruthless
My Peace sign shot full of holes
and my reason ignored
drowned out by the roar of machine guns

You cannot break the golden rule
all the time and not expect
consequences from nature

we will fight for our right to thrive as well
we do not accept your sentence
to poverty so you can earn more
by shipping the factory off to China

nothing this mindgame in america can do to us
can destroy this thing inside that yearns for freedom
enough to die in the name of JUSTICE
generation after generation
from time

No more hyper-reality FOR US. We have already spent too long in an oasis of belief where nothing is wrong, folks... Now, we must face this was all a mirage... and try like hell to get out of this desert... or resolve ourself to the fact that we will leave our children to starve in the barren sands.

There are better ways to defeat an enemy than an outright fight, especially if you are vastly outnumbered, like the Elite. MSM PSY-WAR allows them to control our actions through our thoughts, and basically stop our FORCE from activating. I am not saying we should fight just because we can win, I am just saying we should fight before we lose, if no other option is left us.... because a world is at stake.

  • You are a spark in dry timber, stopped from becoming a roaring flame
    They SET UP LAWS THAT ALLOW THEM TO STEAL. MURDER. BRAINWASH THEIR CRITICS. We must begin to feel challenged now to stop them. Or WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. PERIOD. THE SKY, OTHER SPECIES, OUR WATER... OUR MINDS. No more hyper-reality for us... too long in that oasis where nothing is wrong folks... we must face this is all a mirage.
    • OUR LACK OF RESOLVE TO CHANGE OUR WORLD MUST PUZZLE THE GODS THEMSELVES.... how can we be this collectively dum? And if we are....then the brains will be looked to as potential saviors.... when all too often they are just psocyo-paths and stooges and scared folks under the gun who are ALLOWED to CON EVERYONE... FOR THE GOOD OF A

A cruel slap woke me to the PAIN
at the moment of birth;
My first cry was NO
buried in unintelligible screams.
I am a man now.
Now I catch your hand and break all the fingers.

the promise

You must be whoever the enemy fears the least
or fears the most.

No other position is saf

da general

Welcome to the spark that inflames TOTAL WAR FOR TOTAL PEACE.

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...

THE ELVES ATTIC is stories, poetry, essay's, peculiar events in my life . . . oil painting, articles.

Your patience for bearing with me on my first drafts is a much appreciated kindness. Your worldwide interest is my muse . . .Lately I have been writing a book called Gangsta General x, about a revolutionary in the USA, who is fighting to keep the revolt peaceful as things spin out of control in the states after a famine gets the populace hungry enough to change their society once and for all....

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I have five majors, five books, two tv shows, a radio show, 76 countries at last count on this site alone, and over a million online readers to my credit. I can't thank any of you enough for all of your help and encouragement over the years; the favors and aide that has been offered me, the trust in my leadership... you are all SACRED TO ME ... even you folks I tend to hate.


Thank you.


the militias.

They want their video games and movies to come true. Their romantic notions about fighting the government came to an abrupt end when they found out just who they were fucking with. You start talking about offing cops and they are going to come after you with everything they have.

This is the cult mentality.  Same one the city gangs have.  Creeds they make up to fit their violent urges.  They take the passages of the bible that work for them, like it is some horrorscope that essentially 'seems' to appyl to everything.  Kind of obvious, of course, but I am the king of the obvious, after wall.

I am sick of militas and wars and what not.

I had a nice conversation wtih my communist friend in Missouri, he works for the RailRoad and his politic keep getting him in trouble.  Someone was passing around a flag for the troops, and he hates the war with the passion of a pissed off vietnam vet, and he wrote on it, Go To Hell.   He meant the war, not the troops, but it got him suspended, and he almost lost his job.  Got a two year probation during which he is not supposed to insult anybody.  It is killinghim.  He had to take down his blogs so they would not be used aainst him.  Very interesting how when the Rail Road went looking for reasons to look askew at him, they went to the web, where he goes by a provocative name (I am intentionally not giving his name until I ask him, but his blog is filled with excellent poetry.  Which is how we became acquainted on the web.  He is the only fan of my writing who has actually stopped ny.  Great guy.  Great writer.

It is so sunny and nice, going up to seventy.  Guess I will take the pup down to Lake Michigan, where she can splashe around, chase sea gulls, and romp.  Romping is her speciality, my little siberian Husky, Ruby... wish you all could smoke a bowl and take a trek down there with me  Looking forward to seeing the few of you who plan to come up this summer.  And hey, we bought a new couch, with a sealy mattress in it that is better than the one on our fucking bed.  it weighs about four hundred pounds, but it is great for guests.  Not exactly our old guest room, but we are moving into a two bedroom as soon as one opens up in the building.

I am boring even myself.  Have a great day.  Disconnect from your computer and go outside.  Leave your walk man at home, and just hear the wind...


Views From The Crosshatch

I am a sniper
taking out targets one at a time

shifting my scope until a cross on your forehead says fire

dangerous notions
from a man filled with potions
that send out hoardes intent on the kill

spells of a few sentences
muttered in a poem
and sent out electronically
to the four corners of the earth

metaphors of a struggle more mundane than the poetry can hold
become intellectual bombs set off in the minds
drugging words that create ephiphanies
stir enough passion to brand the words unforgettable

My mock violence tries to come to grips with the real stuff
commenting with enough laughter
to make the horror/the horror attractive enough
to create disgust

a need for justice
stronger than any of your fears
a sloughing off of everything you know
for something new
a conversion to your own private planet
where you play the little king

my serial killer character is a mind game that I play with my shadow side
bringing out my inner beast enough to know its darkest reactions
to explore this creature that I find myself inside of
this man
that I am told is too many different
things to believe everybody

I have no reason to kill and never want anyone to kill anyone over anything
they will and I cannot stop the violence so I am left commenting from afar
trying to relate to the problem
to keep it in my mind
long enough to make it alive as a story

I have felt the blood thirst
No human alive has not felt the desire to kill for a fleeting, insane second

the desire and the act are a world apart

real serial killers would none of my qualms
they would have a need as strong as sex and hunger to kill
everything is a porno novel in their minds

I have A fascination
for high drama lives
the farthest reaches
of human oddness
on the page
not in real life
I am ressurecting Johnny Pain
after a few years writing about my new Jesus mostly

trying to make this prose voyage
of mine filled with various characters
the Jungian archetypes that ramble around in the dark pits of our mind
come out to play on the page

the poems of death and mayhem
play on movie screens in my mind
flashes of explosions
staccato screams s of machine guns
cries of the dead
and dying
violence was around long before the comic prose of Johnny Pain
he is a creation of and in the media
birthed by the violence itself
the pure child of the horror --
free of all reservations about who he hurts
his idealogical utterances the mere excuses of a convicted criminal
a terrorist blowing up our mental suburbs
dragging the civilians into the fray
where the left and right play out their war games


People... well, virtual ones...

Here I am going on five years with this blog, having exposed about every side o this sick brain..  that hardly means most people have read these words.  My recent venture into Facebook has brought me in touch with entirely new classes of people.  Mental pockets that foment themselves on the web.  Real conspiracies and crazy ass ones getting all tossed together on the web, and they gather their readers like fans, join little personality cults with themselves, always, at the helm of that computer, the podium...  I am as guilty as the next, but at least I feel my opinions are astute, because they are based on people who are astute.  I am not always right, or even close... sometimes I write something I later find out is entirely wrong.

For years my work actually got me hated by Christians, because I was angry at religion and gave it all the usual labels, forgetting anything good there, like God, because of the abuses of man;  the prosperity preachers and the out and out nuts, avoiding blood transfusions and the like...   Now, I feel like God shook me awake.    Or more correctly, punched and kicked be awake.     Anyways... my mystical beliefs are the last thing I want to get into.  I write about them in a fictionalized form -- that is as close as I am going to being honest about the wild theories flying around in my head, except in poetry -- the words of God my friend Bob tells me.

Today, I read about someone being defreinded, and then got defriended, because I did share the same level of paranoia about the government.  Oh, well.  The wildest conspiracies could be true, but the conjecture leads to so many nutty theories... and the truths that we know are pretty fascinating, to me.  So I try to color between the lines when it comes to conspiracy  theories.

I do not believe the entire government is a big plot to kill off the population or something like that, and if such a thing is true, no one is going to tell me about.

I really prefer to work with a band of merry  pranksters than guys who think everything is going to end in guns.   Freedom.  We want freedom and we want law enforcement.  The balance between the two has never been more apparent to me, with the patriot act, and its bastard Child, the legislation McCain put through asking or the ability to hold americans without trial, in secret prisons.  What the hell is up with that?  I don't care.  Period.  It is wrong.... but, what the hell?  Does that mean the government is going to sweep in and kill a bunch of people?   I doubt they have the budget.

For years, the left has been targeted by intelligence, and they have gotten paranoid.  Rightly so.  In a way.  But there is going too far, to me...  I mean, Government is just a creation o the people, and that means that it can change.   I am not ready to give into the idea that the secret societies in this world have nearly as much power as people think, though I know they exist.  Maybe I am deluded.  Again, no one is going to tell me to start looking at the world as the metaphors for some bad star wars plot.  We are not fighting the Imperial guards, we are steering our destinies through politics, and our daily decisions....

There is nothing in this world that will ever convince me to give up on humanity.  I believe we have souls.  And a Holy Ghost inside of us.  God, a Christ like being in all of us, that he is at least one of the archtypes in our head, and often not such a bad one, as long as he is in a mental pantheon with other voices, even those from the daily news.

So I believe.  From my pod of delusion.  I was called am MKULTRA experiment today.  That is an interesting thought to me, and makes me wonder about all the strange experiences I had at the hands of the government, but I know something else was going on altogether.   I am not going to let anyone convince me I have no free will.   That is what happens to people with magical thinking.  The government becomes all bad guys, every cop a terrible asshole racist, etc....  the militias set up a self-fullfilling prophecy, they want to be attacked by the government, want to fight them, so they build a scary organization that few countries would allow to gather,  a bunch of guys who talk about bringing down the government through terrorist tactics.  They get into the head by staying on the internet with like minded buddies.  They throw out insults at issues, rather than examine them like a real human being, wondering  if the legislation means something real, or not... and try to influence the LAW.  Instead of dismissing the law as something that another owns.  NO.  You own the laws in this country.  Not some They Great They.  They are us.  We are humans, not superhumans and we do stupid ass shit all the time.  We have to then own up to our mistakes and try to fix them.

I  think that by staying engaged in the political discussion, rather than going over to preaching to some demented choir (and believe me, I could preach with the best of them should I decide to start a church, but I would not do so because I think people should think or themselves, and I want to be careful how I use the power of my words...  I do not want followers.  I want people who teach each other the lessons they have learned, or just talk, etc...  No one should take anyone's opinion too seriously.  I know by reading the dozens of papers I follow around the world that there are plenty of ways of looking at every situation.  Arabs and Jews seldom agree on what is happening.   Obviously.

What should an artist do?   What should a writer do?   I am a writer because I want to spread certain words that I have come across, and I like to entertain people, as well as make them think the thoughts that made me what I am in my best moments....  I feel like a translator, between the theories it took me years to learn, with great effort, and my audience.  Like artists have always been... it goes, prophets and scientists, then to writers and artists, then to their audiences... and then, finally, sometimes, politics.    I am just a cog in that wheel.

Man, I have been writing too much on facebook, forgetting the feeling of being home at my blog, where I am the master of the universe.  The place where the writer explains the cosmology behind the strange stories and poems that come flying out of me at a pace no one can keep up with, and certainly not me as an editor.  I figure one day I will write less, and edit more.  When some juice stops flowing out of the universe into my chest and down my arms and into my tapping my fingers and out into your mind... the poet drunk on the license he has been given to play with words.  I learned all the proper ways to use words, just so I could have a punctuation in my poetry that does not show... I leave off periods and commas often because I do not like the way they look on the page, or the idea of stopping one thought before beginning another.  Poetry should flow, one line and thought,  into another like competing streams, and the crash of ideas should be where the ephinies lie....

Gotta go take the dog to the sunny beach.  Fifty degrees in Chicago, but 40 by the lake, where I am.  The Husky girl keeps looking up at me from the floor, then sighing and laying back.  A very effective means o instilling in me that horrible guilt that often leads to dog walking, even on the nicest of days.

Go in peace today... why not?


Obama Reveals New Star Wars Idea And Michelle Nixes the Idea at Breakfest.

""Listen, this is not just because I have watched the movie a few times..."
"Over a thousand."
"We agreed to keep that secret."
"Yes, right."
"You can't wait to put that in your biography."
"Who's to say I didn't already write it, and it is funnier than... well, the H word."
"Is that Hell, mommie?"
"No, it is happiness."
"Then why did..."
"How is your cereal? Good. Now, Barack, designing this meeting room, that looks like the one during the Imperial ruling or something..."
"When the imperial takes over, Michelle, and I really wish you wouldn't embarrass me in front of my D and D buddies by making that mistake again. God."
"Regardless, this would cost millions."
"You don't understand, we would be floating around. Floating around!!! In our own little crafts."
"No... No. You bring this up and they will laugh again. You can only pretend you are joking so many times before you are going to be found out. We agreed, you have the geek vote, and you need to keep the people from seeing... well, this side of you."
"Fine. No awesome new United Nations with floating seats, and really, really cool lighting effects... though. I might just name it after your Mother. Or you, if...."
"Didn't work with the presidential trip to Mars, and it won't work with this, either."
"Fine... Fine. It would really help my legacy..."
"Oh, here he goes with the legacy again."
"Sorry. They would laugh, wouldn't they? People should be forced, forced to watch those movies a few hundred times..."
"Yes, that went over real well, didn't it?"
"They thought I was joking."
"To your credit, you are always smart enough to cover well."
"Thank you. But I am going to comic con dressed up as an Imperial Warrior during the..."
"Enough with the star wars... how many times have you described that costume to me in excruciating detail?   Enough with the Star Wars.  I just need a sign that says that to hold up.  Like I did, for awhile."
"That was embarrassing."

"All your friends thanked me when I started giving them those little signs."
"Fine, fine...   I got so sick of those things."
"A lot of people think they won you the presidency."
"I know, I know... do we have to talk about this right now?"
"No, not at all."


walked through a Gothic Wittgensteinian forest full of dark, cryptic voices
half understood languages that took years to become clear
talking of words being spells,
 langauge games you could force another to play along with
the birthright of religion explained
by a mad genius who just sat by the window and lectured when the mood struck him
wrote no texts and didn't bother with no tests
his genius enough to insure the notes of his students were reverential studies
religious experiences and epiphanies leading into a whole new world
I studied for two years under an Oxford scholar to get into his head enough 
to want to run out screaming THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!!
WANTED to believe belief is more than a psychic experience/must be tied to some truth
but he shows no... there is a word world and a real world and they seldom connect
his research showed us how to read presidential speeches for truth statements
and there was not one...

again the little kid who almost cried as he pledged allegiance to america and the struggle for freedom
they told me we were fighting and I just started fighting too... 
not realizing yet that most are just actors playing politicians on ads
who act on the Machiavellian principle of pretending to be religious for the people
and tossing ethics out in real life
'just politics' the republicans say as millions die from that Lack Of Insurance Disease that is oh so prevetable 
because they need those insurance lobbyists to stay in the game

I studied how we are

and what we say we are 
and found around the gaps
cliff edges
 leading down onto bloody rocks
 filled with the dead and the dying

We must learn how to create a consciousness of peace
without destroying our freedoms 
They try to take/fake our freedom
We'll burn this whole fucking thing down
die with our dignity
leave the enemy  NOTHING to scavenge from the rubble
This time we won't just jump of the cliff to avoid slavery
No this time our tribe is coming down with a secret weapon
that will make you shit yourself and run...



Lincoln was a racist who told n jokes, tried to keep blacks from voting in Illinois... another hero crumbles, and rightly so... he did not even really want to end slavery.

An African-American Icon Speaks Truth to the Lincoln Cult

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
"Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom have a vested interest in [him] and who are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him."
The gigantic collection of myths, lies, and distortions that comprise The Legend of Abraham Lincoln is the ideological cornerstone of the American warfare/welfare state. It has been invoked for generations to make the argument that if the policies of the U.S. government are not "the will of God," then at least they are the will of "Father Abraham." Moreover, this legend – this false history of America – did not arise spontaneously. It was invented and nurtured by an intergenerational army of court historians who, as Murray Rothbard once said, are absolutely indispensable to anygovernment empire. All states, said Rothbard, depend for their existence on a series of myths about their benevolence, heroism, greatness, or even divinity.
Since very few Americans have spent much time educating themselves about Lincoln and nineteenth-century American history (much of which has been falsified anyway), it is easy for members of what I call the Lincoln Cult to dismiss all literary criticisms of Lincoln as the work of "neo-Confederates," their code-word for "defenders of slavery" (as though anyone in America today would defend slavery), or "racist." Although they label themselves "Lincoln scholars," the last thing they want is honest scholarship when it comes to the subject of Lincoln and his war. They are, at best, cover-up artists and pandering court historians who feed at the government grant trough, "consuming" tax dollars to support their "research" and their overblown university positions.
But they’ve got a big problem (more than one, actually). The big problem is the publication of a 662-page book by the distinguished African-American author Lerone Bennett, Jr. entitled Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream. The book was originally published in 1999 and was recently released in paperback. Bennett was a longtime managing editor of Ebony magazine and, among other things, the author of a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr., What Manner of ManAlthough several "Civil War" publications have labeled yours truly as the preeminent Lincoln critic of our day, Forced into Glory is a much more powerful critique of Dishonest Abe than anything I have ever written. The Lincoln Cult, which would not dare to personally attack a serious African-American scholar like Bennett, has largely ignored the book instead.
When they are not ignoring the book and hoping that it (and the author) would just go away, they "have responded by recycling the traditional Lincoln apologies," writes Bennett. (Being a "Lincoln scholar" means taking some of Lincoln’s unsavory words and deeds, such as his lifelong support for the policy of "colonization" or deportation of all black people in America, and dreaming up excuses for why he was supposedly "forced" into taking that position).
Bennett argues that "academics and [the] media had been hiding the truth for 135 years and that Lincoln was not the great emancipator or the small emancipator or the economy-sized emancipator." He presents chapter and verse of how the Emancipation Proclamation freed no one, since it only applied to "rebel territory," and specifically exempted all the slave-owning/Union-controlled border states and other areas that were occupied by the U.S. army at the time. He quotes James Randall, who has been called the "greatest Lincoln scholar of all time," as writing, "the Proclamation itself did not free a single slave." It was the Thirteenth Amendment that finally ended slavery, he correctly notes, and Lincoln was dragged into accepting it kicking and screaming all the way.
So what was the purpose of the Proclamation? Primarily to placate the genuine abolitionists with a political sleight of hand, says Bennett, and to deter Britain and France from formally recognizing the Confederate government.
Since so few Americans are aware of these facts, Bennett correctly concludes that "the level of ignorance on Abraham Lincoln and race in the United States is a scandal and a rebuke to schools, museums, media, and scholars." This of course is no accident; it’s exactly the way the state wants it to be.
Bennett is especially critical of how the Lincoln Cult uses black historical figures as pawns in its defense of "Father Abraham." For example, he contends that there is no way to get around the fact that Lincoln was a lifelong white supremacist, loudly proclaiming that he was opposed to "making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people." He said far worse things than that, as Bennett documents. The typical response of the Lincoln Cult is to "find a slave or a former slave or, better, a Black officeholder to say that he adores Lincoln and doesn’t care what people say . . . "
Why, one would ask, is such a distinguished African-American journalist so incensed over the Lincoln myth? It is because of his twenty years of painstaking research, resulting in this book, that proves, among other things, what a vulgar racist Lincoln was. Bennett provides quote after quote of Lincoln’s own words, habitually using the N-word so much that people in Washington thought he was weirdly consumed by his racism. Bennett tells of first-hand accounts by some of Lincoln’s generals of how they left a meeting with him during a crisis in the war in which the president spent most of his time in the meeting telling off-color "darkie" jokes (Lincoln’s language). General James Wadsworth, for example, was "shocked by the racism in the Lincoln White House."
I will not repeat any of this language here; suffice it to say that Bennett has scoured Lincoln’s Collected Works and demonstrates that he used the N-word about as frequently as your modern-day "gangster rapper" does. Bennett also describes how this has all been covered up by the Lincoln Cult. Despite the hundreds of examples that are right there in black and white in Lincoln’s own speeches, "Carl Sandburg, who spent decades researching Lincoln’s life, denied that Lincoln used the N-word." And "Harold Holzer, who edited a collection of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, was surprised that Lincoln used the N-word twice in the first Lincoln-Douglas debate." (Lincoln personally edited the transcripts of the debates, so there is no question that he said these things).
Bennett is also incensed by the fact that Lincoln never opposed Southern slavery but only its extension into the territories. Indeed, in his first inaugural address he pledged his everlasting support for Southern slavery by making it explicitly constitutional with the "Corwin Amendment," that had already passed the U.S. House and Senate.
The reason Lincoln gave for opposing the extension of slavery was, in Lincoln’s own words, that he didn’t want the territories to "become an asylum for slavery and [N-word, plural]." He also said that he didn’t want the white worker to be "elbowed from his plow or his anvil by slave [N-word, plural]." It was all economics and politics, in other words, and not humanitarianism or the desire to "pick the low-hanging fruit" by stopping slavery in the territories.
Lincoln not only talked like a white supremacist; as a state legislator he supported myriad laws and regulations in Illinois that deprived the small number of free blacks in the state of any semblance of citizenship. Bennett gives us chapter and verse of how he supported a law that "kept pure from contamination" the electoral franchise by prohibiting "the admission of colored votes." He supported the notorious Illinois Black Codes that made it all but impossible for free blacks to earn a living; and he was a "manager" of the Illinois Colonization Society that sought to use state tax revenues to deport blacks out of the state. He also supported the 1848 amendment to the Illinois constitution that prohibited the immigration of blacks into the state. As president, he vigorously supported the Fugitive Slave Act that forced Northerners to hunt down runaway slaves and return them to slavery for a bounty. Lincoln knew that this law had led to the kidnapping of an untold number of free blacks who were thrown into slavery.
It is understandable how a man like Lerone Bennett, Jr., armed with this knowledge, would begin to question The Legend of Abraham Lincoln.
Perhaps the most important reason why Bennett was motivated to spend twenty years of his life (and longer) researching this book is his knowledge of Lincoln’s obsession with "colonization" or deportation. This was what Bennett calls Lincoln’s "white dream," his dream of simply deporting all the black people out of America.
Bennett tells the story of how, near the end of his life, Lincoln was still "dreaming." He asked General Benjamin Butler to estimate for him how many ships it would take, after the war was over, do deport all black people from America. "Beast" Butler came back to him with an answer he didn’t want to hear: There was no way that his dream could be accomplished with the sailing fleet that was currently at hand.
Bennett details Lincoln’s obsession with "colonization" by describing how he proposed to Congress compensated emancipation of slaves in Washington, D.C. and the border states, accompanied by immediate deportation. (Lincoln used the word "deportation" as much or more than "colonization"). Thus, the purpose was not freedom for the slaves so much as it was to rid America of all blacks. It’s a good bet that you were never taught this in school; read Forced into Glory and improve your knowledge of the real Lincoln (and of the excuse-making Lincoln Cult that has mis-educated generations of Americans).
Many Americans are aware that Lincoln once said something about America being "the last best hope" on earth. Numerous books have been written about Lincoln with those words in the title. But the context of these words reveals Lincoln’s darkest side, not his "greatness," as the Lincoln Cult maintains. The context is that these words were included in Lincoln’s plea to Congress to "colonize" any freed slaves. He did not believe a multiracial society was desirable and, as Bennett says, seemed "terrified" at the prospect of inter-racial marriage. Colonization was what he meant by "the last best hope" for America, as Bennett shows. "In support of the White Dream," he writes, "Lincoln mobilized the State Department, the Interior Department, the Treasury Department, and the Smithsonian Institution . . . . Lincoln’s ethnic cleansing plan was the official policy of the American government." Perhaps this is a possible reason why the same government did next to nothing for the ex-slaves after the war.
Bennett doesn’t buy into the Lincoln Cult’s tall tale that he "evolved" during the war and embraced equality. He quotes the man Lincoln had put in charge of "Negro emigration" as saying that Lincoln "remained a colonizationist and racist until his death."
The real heroes, in Bennett’s view, are the genuine abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips. Lincoln was never an abolitionist per se and, in fact distanced himself and ridiculed them whenever possible.
January 12, 2008
Thomas J. DiLorenzo [send him mailprofessor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, (Three Rivers Press/Random House). His latest book is Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe (Crown Forum/Random House).
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Rage Page

Robert Mitchum as a child, published poetry at  age 12.

I have been on facebook a lot lately, basically gathering articles from around the world and commenting on them a bit.  I have found some fascinating news sources on the web, though I kind of regret just how partisan they all are.  I started in Journalism classes oh so long ago, planning on Psychology and Journalism at first when I went to school, at the university of Toledo.  They talked a lot about objectivity.  Trying to find the middle ground.  Of course, in a way, that proved all to be a scam, because the press pretty much followed whatever the government wanted them to say, and since the owners were all millionaires, they obviously advocated issues that applied to that tiny percent of folk who could afford a printing press (Noam Chomsky).

The war sure feels on.  The war of words.  The net has given the word to the poorest child in the village.  I studied Stand Point theory in philosophy under Dr. Sarah Hoagland, and this is looking at an event from everyones perspective, to get the proper history.  For years, women, the poor, etc...  were not written about.  the losers in the wars of society, did not get their tale told.  Just the winners.   Dr. Hoagland pointed out what a tragedy this is.  Now, on the net, we see Stand Point theory in action, and we are learning that most people are nuts, or at least have no ability to tell what is going on in the world, or are manipulated.

I have attracted a lot of radicals to my site, due to the kind of articles that I put up.  They assume though that I hate the government, which I do not.  We're doing the best we fucking can.  Obama just got us a form of national health care.  And YOU MUST REMEMBER.  Other countries got national health care all piece meal in various bills, the same way that we will.  This is going to be one of the most popular bills in history.  We have paid homage to our elderly by giving helping them pay for med's, or switch to medicaid, where they will pay next to nothing for prescriptions...

I find the anger on both the left and the right similar to my own.   We need a form of revolution that everyone can understand, is non-violent, and is open ended.  A huge group that would show up to support the unions marching, go on Cease Fire Marches (to the shame of the whites in Chicago, all the marches over the children dying are filled with blacks, and children are children, dammit...  the whites need to get their ass down there;   the same with Rainbow Push to see Jessie Jackson.  You will feel his power, and be astounded by his intellect -- and i got to mention that it is the best band in Chicago;  this is not a church service, but believe me, GOD IS THERE...  I am proud to say since I started writing about this, there are a lot more whites going, thank God.  Jessie is watched by 40 million people around the world, in africa, etc... and is a very powerful figure on the international scene....  yet, he gets dismissed all the time as not radical enough or too radical.....

The black and white anger shows.  This week someone called a black senator who voted for health care a nigger.  This was an old civil rights worker who had been beaten, jailed, and had seen so much worse in his life that he was just surprised.  They didn't even press charges on the guy who spit on him though I think he should have --can't the cops make a charge even if the person does not press them?  They can on domestic abuse, etc...

If my thoughts are all over the place, that is because they are.   I am trying to get a lot done, with the books and the radio show, and then I spend hours and hours on facebook, reading articles people recommend, leaving comments.   The Rick Ross Cult Institute links to all these newspapers I would never have found, and the scientologists go to these same sites and try to make their cult sound cool.  So I go in and fight them almost everyday.  I go by the... if I can save one person from this cult, or get one out, it will be worth it, though my goal is to get the church dissolved, that will not happen for awhile because they have money.  Three generations and it will be as gone as all the other cults that have popped up over the years.

alt.net   has proven to be one of my favorite sites of late.  These guys are good, and I encourage you to send them money.  They are left of Obama and slam him a lot more than I would..  but here we have a new anti-privacy law signed by Obama, and MCCAIN trying to pass a bill that any american can be jailed or any length of time without a trial.  What the hell?  This is supposed to be illegal.  Cops would be able to use this to get a confession on just about any small crime, just to get out with time served.  Sad.  Obama was a fan of my humor and sent me a video.  It is a powerful thing to be president...  but what secrets do they suddenly learn that changes them so much?  Or are they all Trojan horses for the elitists?  


Israeli Historian: Israel Could Find Itself Forced To Wipe Out Europe

Israeli Historian: Israel Could Find Itself Forced To Wipe Out Europe


One must have something to live for, after all.  I have already begun training, starting with the regular eight ounce enemy, I quickly progressed to squirting two liter Pepsi bottles into my sphincter,  and am proud to say that after a week, I am up to a three gallon enemas.  Leakage is a small price to pay to use my poo flecked enema water to Waterboarder  Cheney.  Yea, a couple Secret Service guys lost a bet with me, so they are going to chain him down for me.   Afterwards, we'll give him a roofie and an lsd meth xanax mix we get from some Company buds, then tell him that he has been down at the nursing home again, forcing the food service to put a bunch or ex-lax in their lunch and having them all shit on him all night...  and all these oldersters, naked and crying and humiliated  is really a frightful sight, I am told, and of course Cheney films the whole thing so him and his wife watch them later, in the privacy of their home, while torturing to death babies with hot branding irons of smiley faces, smurfs, and unicorns...  An ironic touch that you have to admit is kind of ... no, it is just sick..  but I guess it was in his contract with satan, an endless supply of infants must be sacrificed, no less than fifty nine a day, to keep Cheney safe from the Vengeful Angels who want to tear his ass apart right now, rather than wait until his frail flesh gives out and his soul is theirs to torment for eternity.

Anyways, I'll have to keep the tapes of Cheney being water boarded with diarrhea off utube for a few months to be careful, then the world can see them...  just have to remove a tattoo on my ass about Richard Simmons, who I was really into umm exercising to on my tv.   Not on my tv.  He was laying back on my tv.  No, how should I put this...  I was really into exercise, watched his show a lot.  I did not send him videos of Dildo Day, nor did I fly out there and exercise naked, in a sort of sexual aerobics,  with Richard and about ten other guys, all methed up,  and greased down with Boy Butter, for about a week...

So, maybe we should start a group, get cheney waterboarded with diarreah.... hell, we could just ex-lax a bunch of prisoners, then gather buckets... they would surely shit at the chance to pour some crap on this pompous asshole --   i won't even go into the whole murder thing.

So, thank the secret service folks, for making my dream come true... as soon as my  training is done (Oh, little secret for anyone else who waterboards him with diarreah, a small, five ounce additional enema of brown food stain will ensure that the proper poo like on camera).

So keep a smiling folk, for justice will be done, behind the scenes... and soon enough you will see the results on Utube.... you know, after i am up to ten gallons, and get that lovely Richard Simmons tattoo lasered off.  I guess it really, really hurts, like being spanked and spanked and spanked...  whoa, gotta go... where the hell is my jiz rag?   If this computer can't locate my jiz rag, what use is it really?    Wait, quit typing this,just think it... oh, sorry.

Liberty was officially declared an enemy of the state and secretly executed

by Cheney's death squad, per an amendment to the Patriot Act. Her throat was slit by a squad that Cheney had acting outside of all chains of command except his creepy mind, you know the one the press said an Army Major stopped after protesting about civilian casualties, then somehow... changed the story to the squad of hit men had never been used, like Cheney kept around a bunch of ex navy seals for knick knacks.

puking politics

sick of getting kicked in the nuts by the same democrats I voted for

od'd on dead dolphins

can't read the news without something just slapping the shit out of me

stabbing a damn knife either into my head or my heart

the sacred sickness of WATCHING

afraid to drop out and just let the bastards win

Sick of the snipers and ied's and peace keepers and peace makers and  the word peace itself
Peace -- that's just something we never had here/a wild dream
I grew up on the Homefront
with a tv full with war... family reunions filled soldiers
 in a country of soldiers
who fought off a Hitler
Taught as long as there is no justice
there will be no peace
and we live in an unjust world.

Wish I was one of those people who can
Go into treatment
let my worries become more important
 than an earthquake in Haiti
hire people to pretend they care about my every feeling
take 12 simple steps to being someone else

 my dreams themselves are written by the staus-quo keepers
the leashed journalists keeping us concentrated on republicans and democrats
like those two haven't already had enough time to fix this mess if they wanted to
or can...
we somehow try to keep Hope Alive... even if it is the lone survivor in a bloody battle
we are apes programmed to march on in spite of our wounds

the tv is just a dream to keep you from noticing reality
cool sometimes but not to be taken seriously
facts without a theory to make sense of them

spewed from pretty faces with ruby red lips and luscious hair
her goddess image life size on my hi def flat screen

I turn down the sound and beat off to the women newscasters
feeling like for a few seconds there is something real happening
a man attracted to a woman
nothing more
nothing less

until I'm done and a little disgusted with the slime on my hand
and wondering why I didn't just go in the bedroom for someone real?

read today that gandhi said

"When You Know The Truth,The Truth Makes You A Soldier."

I have awakened in a battle zone

someone is yelling at me that i should not pick up a gun

someone is shooting at me

 telling me 
it is all in my head
as I feel


The Shit Wizard War

The earliest reports of Shit-Wizards came in 8970 BC, when an entire village was turned into shit-for-brains by a strange, manic, frantic, lying, creepy Wizard who was said to work for the king... the villagers, once they became shit for brains, worked harder and longer hours than ever, for next to nothing, all because the shit Wizard kept these carrots staked around the village that he promised the starving villagers they would get to eat one day... though that never did happen, of course.  He also made the villagers hate everyone from everywhere else -- the very people who might have helped them recover from being shit for brains. Yea, this guy, Beck, all the Masons know he is a Shit Wizard, and the talk is... they might brain wash him into getting a sex change and becoming a legal prostitute in Holland, where his heroin habit will eventual od him, and get rid of all the evidence of how they used him to turn people into shit for brains. 

John Scott Ridgway

Tom Cruise is a well known Shit Wizard as well.   He's so well known now that his enemies are slowly bringing him down... Anonymous, who is fighting him, is actually an off-shoot of the Knights Templars -- kind of like the Boy Scouts to the Army, or so my sources say (and these neighborhood dogs are seldom wrong..  well, actually they are, but still...  you gotta believe someone in this world and at least I know THEIR HEART is in the right place).  The Templars of course have been battling the Shit Wizards forever -- they go after anyone who just blatantly works with Satan, usually...  and Beck, who considers Christian Charity a Code word for his hated Socialism, is obviously taking it in the ass by the hot poker of the Horned One.   

While we are on the topic...   it is rumored, though I will not confirm or deny, that John Stewart is a Knight Templer, who recruited Colbert into the whole curing shit for brains and wiping out the Shit Wizards thing.... and they are leading some group of media assassins specializing in Virtual Assassination -- a much less messy, legal form they have adapted. I guess they came up with the Masons strategy for Beck, pretty much because they knew they could milk the thing for hundreds of jokes... which, really, isn't a very militarily proper way of making these decisions, but this is what happens when the most trusted journalist in the country weighs in on these matters.   I have to admit, I really like what Stewart said, "Adding a little a slapstick into politics will keep things interesting to me."  And since that was code pretty much for, 'Cross me on this and you die,'  I would not admit it if I did think that being a little more professional and a little less slapstick might be more discreet;  he is always inserting something into politics merely for the comic potential... oh, well.  Good job John..   You don't think he could have got this kind of power without Company help, do you?   I've said too much.  And not enough.  The dilemma of a journalist/soldier embedded in the underground war.


over the abyss

they are protesting with signs that put hitler's stach on the president
screaming that the government is setting up internment camps
reading scientists and engineers and other experts claiming 9-11 was an inside job
vaccines and big pharma a conspiracy to make people sick and dependent
reptiles living in human bodies
aliens and spirits and demons and other beings from other dimensions

what is hidden under this pile of bullshit i wonder somedays in utter frustration

who are the masons and the bilderbergs and who, after all, really did kill Kennedy?

the questions they never answer
the deaf ears we yell into
the smug smiles of superiors
we watch from a great distance/beyond the guns of guards

they wonder where the hate comes from
the need to take aim and fire on a stranger just to quiet some demonic voice in our head
to express something with  our life
to be a miserable story but a story none-the-less
a vengeance against that bitch or boss or guard
or the whole goddamn world

an old man shoots a black guard at the Holocaust Museum
a black guy goes through a ny subway killing anyone white
the prisons split along color lines
they want to pass a law to kill the gays in some African country

Took on that white man's religion and discovered the hate in that little black book

not the vengeance of god
not the judgement of god
much as we want to believe we got us a micro manager out in space somewhere
men wrote the words that the prophets rail against with each rising

a God lives and dies and the legends slowly become the words of the rulers
visions eclipsed by the storms and crops and weddings and funerals and work

everyone wants a piece of the God
a bite of communion
a sip of blood
a hero story where they can defeat all the Demons
and march happily ever after through the pearly gates

They want that God to speak thru them
Thinks He/She/It does
as they rail against the health care
pretend the politicians all have horns or wings
that they are more than men
every spy james bond and evil to the bone
every politician a puppet with strings into a backroom
filled with fat guys smoking cigars and abusing little kids

I've heard it all man and then some and still the true ain't really there

ain't really there


total war for total peace is alive and kicking... so fuck you.... we will beat ya.

I was just kidding about nuking Japan... when I wrote about it yesterday, then the pentagon got hacked to look like Japan had been nuked.  I love my friends.....   Especially the military ones....  "the fact it was delivered via U.S. military communications has prompted a high alert"   Whoever they are.. .  and believe me, we are too smart for them to tell me anything about what they do, just take the occasional order and always do something cooler than I expected.  You guys are the fucking best (gals, too -- even more so).   Still think I am full of shit when I tell you I am running Total War For Total Peace?  Is it all a Gonzo ruse?   Or am I an intelligence operative?  Or am I just a bullshitter?  Most of you will never know...  I will tell  you this  --   the FBI changed their policy of not accepting anyone who had ever smoked pot to try to recruit me, and get me to sign a Loyalty Oath -- basically, they wanted to pay me to shut up, or work for them with my blog....  one or the other.     These are not exactly the kind of guys you can ask questions from.   My response to any threat of course is to attack...  I turned them down flat.  Politely.  I do not want a war with the FBI, because there are good people everywhere...I did help the CIA once when they convinced me my blog was getting people killed and took it down on the westcoast.  I am not a nut.  DO NOT USE VIOLENCE IN MY NAME.  REVOLUTIONARIES SHOULD MARCH WITH THE COPS.   However, this little stunt really pleases me because I do need reminders sometimes.  You guys have been fighting for me ever since this started, and fate will smile on you when people like me take over.  And we will.  Not me, but those I influence.... YOU and You.... as you know, we do not want a face.... and by the way, the Anonymous picture is not supposed to mean that I run them or something.    I support them 100% and they can always call on me to help, but remember.... they are watching me like a hawk, trying to find a smoking gun that does not exist.  Words are my bullets.   If they are not enough, I will fight you stick for stick, stone for stone... for God's sake, let's not let that happen here. Tthere will not be much left after the collateral damage of that war.... 

Thank you folks who fight this fight with me.  We will win.  Jesus told me so.  The more military people and cops we can recruit the better... hint, hint, hint.

the war wizened general

astounds his officers by telling them WE KEEP NO SECRETS

this poem reflects my attitude.  I am not someone who has to keep secrets, but you are...  I am the crash test dummy who went totally public, but they tell me that is why I am not dead.  The cops here in town, and intelligence agencies, tell me there have been various plots discovered to kill me, or talk about it at least, after i wrote that Ossama Bin laden issued a Fatwas saying that Goats buts now need to be covered like women and young boys,  because they turn him on so much after his years in the mountains.  They don't like that kind of shit... so as always -- never hurt a cop or a solider or you are my enemy.  We need them more than we need you, more than likely.  

Also.... stay in small cells among people who you have known forever, do no violence, and miss-spellings throw off their Computer Screening Mechanism...  so unless they are already watching you, as in my case...  so the hands off policy on my meeting people has to continue, much to my chagrin.    For other tips on how to PEACEFULLY show dissent and help the president's progressive movements -- especially now that he took Michael Moore's article about kicking ass and taking names seems to have spurred the president on.  I have been telling them to do this for weeks, too... and I know his speech writer reads me, because he is allowed to use my work without attribution and I hear my words in his speeches.  They were all huge fans of my work before.  I am still floored that Obama sent me a video message, as well as clinton and bush.... doesn't make me important, it makes you important.  You know I spent fifteen years studying all kinds of courses in preparation to help in a peaceful revolution, as a Thomas Paine like character.    They drugged, bugged and jailed me...  sent out a cop to show me a bag of stun guns and clubs and shit... sent a guy to tell me not to write books about what they did to me, to make them up in my  head and never write them down... or write children's books.  What they do not get is that I am writing Children's books -- their minds are the ones we need, the internet generation coming up NOW.   They will save the world, or what is left of it....  like I wrote in a poem  I WILL SCREAM FOR THEM, UNTIL THEY LEARN TO SHOUT YOU DOWN.


complete post

Nuke hack attack puts military on high alert (Fake report over govt systems Okinawa nuked)
WorldNetDaily ^ | March 08, 2010 | Mike Maloof
Posted on Tue Mar 09 2010 02:42:45 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) by tlb

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A message that North Korea had conducted a nuclear attack on the Japanese island of Okinawa turned out to be false, but the fact it was delivered via U.S. military communications has prompted a high alert, according to U.S. officials who asked to remain anonymous.

U.S. military channels were hacked either by the Chinese or North Koreans, the source said. Access to such communications – even unclassified military systems – suggests a serious breach of technology security.

"Today, March 06, 2010 at 11.46 AM local time (UTC/GMT -5 hours),US seismographic stations recorded seismic activity in the area of Okinawa Island (Japan). According to (sic) National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Democratic People's Republic of Korea has carried out an average range missile attack with use of nuclear warhead (sic). The explosion caused severe destructions (sic) in the northern part of the (sic) Okinawa island. Casualties among the personnel of the US military base are being estimated at the moment."

Only a few months ago, there were reports that a powerful cyber attack overwhelmed computers at U.S. government agencies and South Korean agencies for several days. The report said the attacks also targeted the White House, Pentagon and the New York Stock Exchange.

(Excerpt) Read more at wnd.com ..


Belief in Demonized Children Leads to Deaths from Starvation in USA and in UK � Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

Belief in Demonized Children Leads to Deaths from Starvation in USA and in UK � Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: "elief in Demonized Children Leads to Deaths from Starvation in USA and in�UK
Posted on February 25, 2010 by Richard Bartholomew
Baltimore, USA:
For more than a week, Ria Ramkissoon watched passively as her 1-year-old son wasted away, denied food and water because the older woman she lived with said it was God’s will.
Javon Thompson was possessed by an evil spirit, Ramkissoon was told, because he didn’t say ”Amen” during a mealtime prayer. Javon didn’t talk much, given his age, but he had said ”Amen” before, Ramkissoon testified…
Birmingham, UK:
Seven-year-old Khyra Ishaq weighed less than three stone when she was admitted to hospital in May 2008 where she died from an acute infection that had been brought on by severe malnutrition.�"

WANT MORE NOW.....???????  click on the link.  Very interesting Catholic writer....

Vatican Satanic Panic � Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

Vatican Satanic Panic � Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

This is an amazing article that gives you a glimpse into minds that believe they are actively at war with Satan on earth. Who is Satan today? The Muslims? Abortionists? Gay Marriage advocates? Satan is a sorry concept -- this is why in my book, Waking Up Jesus, when Christ fights his way into hell to offer redemption to the lost souls, even Satan falls crying at his feet... but, out of nowhere, Scott Satan, the son of the Dark One, who was the only innocent in Hell, having been born there, came charging out of a grotto and murdered his father. He had wanted to since his birth.... and had waited for his moment. His father believed he was filled with evil, because Scott's first act was to destroy his Mothers soul... Satan, lacking compassion, had no idea that Scott was setting her free from the torture of his rape, merely thought he had another blood thirsty son. Jesus forgives Scott... joins his army. Like Jesus says, this gives him warriors who have a taste for blood and a lust for redemption... which is why, in the end, he wins the war in heaven...

one of my very sorry little attempts to show my oil paintings, pets, girl...

a new mural in rodgers park... and picking up poo and sniffing pee

m and i take a trip down to the bean sculpture... here in Chicago...

Click on the side of the videos and it should take you to utube, where you can view the entire video.

Ruby dog fights the mighty dash... click on video to watch at utube

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one war

The collected john scott ridgway

The collected john scott ridgway
a demented little entry into philosophy, humour and redemption.,

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