A blood soaked Arthur IS RISING

Gonzo journalism and fiction is a tricky mix.... Welcome to my razor's edge.


I am an elf in the attic making mind toys with sharp edges; an educated writer who gets good reviews, who you can read for free in the rough form of first drafts on the web, or purchase in a book form.
The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is intelligent non aggressiveness. This is called the mastery of men.


Welcome to you, I am John Scott Ridgway, Novelist, Poet, Blogger, Radio and TV writer and actor... five books, also paint in oils and acrylics. I am poet warrior of sorts, a non violent radical, personally, though understanding of those who choose other paths IN THE EIGHTY PLUS COUNTRIES AT LAST COUNT THAT came in this blog ...

The predicted revolutions in the USA and around the would are going to

be violent in the next twenty years, is what the CIA says. I want them to stay peaceful, which is the only way to win this struggle between haves and have nots. They have more guns, we have more people,, and they include the mothers and sisters and brothers of the people they will ask to fight us.... I think they underestimate the police.

NEVER ACCEPT APPEASEMENT OVER JUSTICE. By any means necessary is the reality. . . the USA can be spared stupid wars, but other countries. . . need different solutions. . .

The number of Countries that have come in to have a look at this blog humbles me. Thank you very much.



PROFESSIONALS, HOPEFULLY, like the police, military, etc...

understanding that violence is sometimes needed

does not mean I like anything about the sound

of fists hitting faces

Boxing is too much for me

make me feel like I am watching

dog fights with toothless pitbulls

"I am an artist first, and a politician second," as John Lennon said.

My intentions are to stop the violence from entering into

revolutionary wars

the CIA


will break out in the next twenty years all over the

world, including here...

But Ill tell ya,

if there is not some redistribution of

wealth here there and everywhere




My intentions is to keep these protests peaceful

so we can win

without bloodshed

Total War for Total Peace

Never incites violence

or destroys property

you should be able

to go to protests with strollers and babies

parents feeling as safe as the police

Now, poetry...

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...


A blood soaked Arthur has risen

be aware

be very aware

total war
for total peace
is being fought

THERE will be many ways to die
and only one to live
give and give and give
until the worlds downtrodden and oppressed
can begin to forgive
before things get bloody and ruthless
My Peace sign shot full of holes
and my reason ignored
drowned out by the roar of machine guns

You cannot break the golden rule
all the time and not expect
consequences from nature

we will fight for our right to thrive as well
we do not accept your sentence
to poverty so you can earn more
by shipping the factory off to China

nothing this mindgame in america can do to us
can destroy this thing inside that yearns for freedom
enough to die in the name of JUSTICE
generation after generation
from time

No more hyper-reality FOR US. We have already spent too long in an oasis of belief where nothing is wrong, folks... Now, we must face this was all a mirage... and try like hell to get out of this desert... or resolve ourself to the fact that we will leave our children to starve in the barren sands.

There are better ways to defeat an enemy than an outright fight, especially if you are vastly outnumbered, like the Elite. MSM PSY-WAR allows them to control our actions through our thoughts, and basically stop our FORCE from activating. I am not saying we should fight just because we can win, I am just saying we should fight before we lose, if no other option is left us.... because a world is at stake.

  • You are a spark in dry timber, stopped from becoming a roaring flame
    They SET UP LAWS THAT ALLOW THEM TO STEAL. MURDER. BRAINWASH THEIR CRITICS. We must begin to feel challenged now to stop them. Or WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. PERIOD. THE SKY, OTHER SPECIES, OUR WATER... OUR MINDS. No more hyper-reality for us... too long in that oasis where nothing is wrong folks... we must face this is all a mirage.
    • OUR LACK OF RESOLVE TO CHANGE OUR WORLD MUST PUZZLE THE GODS THEMSELVES.... how can we be this collectively dum? And if we are....then the brains will be looked to as potential saviors.... when all too often they are just psocyo-paths and stooges and scared folks under the gun who are ALLOWED to CON EVERYONE... FOR THE GOOD OF A

A cruel slap woke me to the PAIN
at the moment of birth;
My first cry was NO
buried in unintelligible screams.
I am a man now.
Now I catch your hand and break all the fingers.

the promise

You must be whoever the enemy fears the least
or fears the most.

No other position is saf

da general

Welcome to the spark that inflames TOTAL WAR FOR TOTAL PEACE.

I am too far out into the battlefield to retreat. This CHARGE is win or die...

THE ELVES ATTIC is stories, poetry, essay's, peculiar events in my life . . . oil painting, articles.

Your patience for bearing with me on my first drafts is a much appreciated kindness. Your worldwide interest is my muse . . .Lately I have been writing a book called Gangsta General x, about a revolutionary in the USA, who is fighting to keep the revolt peaceful as things spin out of control in the states after a famine gets the populace hungry enough to change their society once and for all....

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I have five majors, five books, two tv shows, a radio show, 76 countries at last count on this site alone, and over a million online readers to my credit. I can't thank any of you enough for all of your help and encouragement over the years; the favors and aide that has been offered me, the trust in my leadership... you are all SACRED TO ME ... even you folks I tend to hate.


Thank you.


Can you handle the TRUTH?????????????????????????????

I am known as a dangerous man with hidden followers who value my orders more than life itself. A prophet of war, a once and future King in a court of shadows... When I roar, your most mighty shit themselves and run. By making myself known, I can often achieve with words what would otherwise take blood. John Scott Ridgway... his is my resume.
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    • Painted Thunder ‎"...a once and future king in a court of shadows...." i love reading this. it's like poetry. it rings .
      10 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway Thank you...
      9 hours ago · 

    • Karen Piazza SPEAK! loved it....cool John!
      6 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway Yes, speak it... more or less, I am terribly surprised and humbled by it and taking all kinds of risks by admitting it. This is poetics, sure, but I have probably written nothing more honest anywhere on Facebook. I am fed up and have been attracting like minded people for a long time. The government knows exactly who I am, and would much rather as few other people know about my efforts as possible. Fuck that.
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway I should not write that the entire government wants me to shut up... I have a lot of powerful supporters in the halls of power who feel just like I do but cannot admit it without getting destroyed by the so called free press.
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway Otherwise, when they knocked me off facebook... it would have lasted longer... or everything would have disappeared, like happens to people I am 'friends' with on facebook all the time.
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Breda O'Brennan Very powerful John, we'll await your roar.
      2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway I have roared before.... believe me. And they ran... sooner or later though, they are going to have no where to run... and when I have them cornered, they will have no choice except to fight -- because by that point, I am not going to give them any other one.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Breda O'Brennan I can imagine you have, it seems like a good fight may be what is needed, the people abusing us will not stop until this happens, they have too much to lose, it seems they did not consider that when we've lost everything, then we will unite and forcibly take back what is rightfully ours. We need leaders like you to tell them this, as you, they will believe.
      about an hour ago · 

    • John Scott Ridgway After I wrote this last comment, my internet connection was shut down somehow... a neighboring business has wireless. They have their ways of letting me know I have pissed them off.... which actually I get more intelligence out of than anything else. Thank you for your vote of confidence.... I think of you as a leader too, and hope you do... Ireland has been a leader in the revolutionary scene forever...
      about an hour ago · 

    • Breda O'Brennan 
      Yes, I understand what you mean, by them doing such things to you, it proves to you that this is all real, have been in a similar position too, before I left Ireland in 2002, not to do with me personally, but with my ex, so I empathise with you on this, being watched and followed is hard to get your head around, but it's surprising what you get used to and once you know it's happening, it's grand and you can wind them up too. You inspire confidence, as you speak the truth from your heart, this is what scares them, they speak lies from their brains and even they know that the heart always trumphs. A leader, I'm not, don't think I'd make a good one, but, I feel that I would make a second in command, for the right soul, am on the lookout for such a person here at the moment, to lead us into the revolution that must take place here and in so many other countries too.

      about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      Yes... my girlfriend has went through more than a bit of hell for me. I am always asking her if she is proud of me when they do something tome... and she is. In this day and age, if they are not bugging you, you are not fighting hard enough. Sad, but true here in the states. They are arrogant about it, too, trying to scare you. I am emphatic toward people who do not think they could handle what it takes... there were times I broke down and cried and would have just given up... if not for all the people who rely on me to be a lightening rod. When your fellow soldiers have died in your name... it changes one. Or it should. I fight in their names... fearing if I should ever give up, this pain would be worth nothing.

      about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      Some day it will be safe for me to really tell my story... but right now, I have people to protect. I do not take credit for all the people supposedly murdered in my name... and I have been secretly blamed for a lot, and yes... they chose to do things that cost them their lives, that I did not ask them to do...though I inspired the action with my words, and example. But you know me, Breda, I do not advocate anything outside the law... I just do not believe that the poor must always negotiate from a point of weaknesses. I mean, there is no point in negotiating at all if you are extremly strong or extremely weak... the strong take what they want, and the weak have no say in it. We outnumber them millions to one. So we are the strongest... they just have use hypnotized and terrified into thinking this is not true. This is war by 95% of the people against 1% and their followers. The problem is, for now, they have nukes... and they would use them. This is another reason why I prefer to take over this system from inside. It would behoove them to let me... and some agree with me. Because I have a vow to God that I will not be leaving anything of value to my enemy if I lose. I will not go down bloodless in defeat.

      about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Breda O'Brennan 
      I'm sure your girlfriend is very proud of you, she has great reason to be, she must be a very special woman to live with this. True about the bugging thing, we must presume that all is bugged, it's sensible. I was never made to feel scared, if anything, I felt protected, as with several different groups watching our every move, nobody could get close enough to cause harm, without being observed by the others, so, though I spent a lot of time on my own, I knew I was never really alone, weird actually. My ex had times like those you've mentioned, where it all got too much, but that never lasted long, when you know you are doing the right thing and that the welfare of others depends on your actions and that those who have died for the same cause paved the way for you, your self and your life, take a back seat. Don't ever give up, the pain you speak of, is the fire in your belly, the spirits of those that have passed egging you on to do them justice. Roar and make them proud.

      58 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway What you say about feeling secure is true. They keep heavy security on me... you should see all the cops who drive by me on a short dog walk. They are on my side here in town, and my neighborhood is 95% Democratic, in the Democratic city in the country... I am well placed to do what I do..... once I had the generals coming to me and asking my advice, I knew life would never be the same... No one can get close to me... and God knows they regret it when they do, if they live that long.
      51 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      They tried to get me to move to Alaska by the way... and also offered to let me live on a submarine... I mean, I barely tell people about that shit... sounds so unbelievable. I can never tell quite who likes me and who doesn't.... and occas...See More

      46 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      That is actually how this whole things started... how a third force rose in the states... from the bottom. I am taking more credit than I mean to, because smarter people than me worked their ass off, and braver people than me too drasticaction when needed. I bitch about what happened to me, but I had comrades who literally had their hair pulled out by hand, were slapped in jail, abducted off the streets, and who used up their life to send a message, to me in the media.... a very strange tale. When the book comes out that really lays this all down, instead of the bits and pieces that can already be deciphered in my work, the people who heed the lessons will be seasoned and ready for revolutionary action.

      42 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Breda O'Brennan Your story is fascinating, must be so hard for you to keep all of this in, you want to shout it from the rooftops, but the time is not right yet, I can't wait to read your book, to learn the true story about how the system in America works, I feel that people are nearly ready for this, all it will take is another large lie they are force to swallow.
      33 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      I don't know if I have toldyou this, but the CIA says they have stopped four attempts on my life already. I wrote something about Ossama Bin Laden putting out the orders that goat buts had to be covered from now on, just like the 12 year old boys, so they don't get him all turned on... it was funnier... but I am well known as an activist FOR THE MIDDLE EAST and will do about anything to stop America from going to war with the Iranians, which they apreciete (I ever need asylum, believe it or not, that is where I would go.. or to Chavez, who I would love to get to know... or Castro. They all know about me.. Chavez took my advice and started public radio, as a matter of fact... sadly, he shut down some opposition stations to do it... but shit, he is still, in my opinion, one of the bravest patriots on the planet. everyone should nationalize oil and a few other key industries, so the rest of us did not have to pay taxes to provide CORPORATE WELFARE... OR PROP UP BANKERS AND STOCK BROKERS WHILE THE MIDDLE CLASS STARVE.

      33 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway I have to say, I cannot tell you how all this works. My stories are more first person narrative showing it is going on. I do not even care anymore how it works... The system is too corrupted to keep. We need to drastically change the road we are on.
      30 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Breda O'Brennan 
      Wow, four attempts, that's heavy stuff. The "Elite" have a lot to answer for, the way they are pitting the West against the Middle East and we all know the reason for it, oil. I agree, countries should nationalise oil, if we did that here...See More

      23 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Breda O'Brennan I totally agree with you John, changing the players will not work. The system itself needs to be torn down and we must start from scratch, the next few months will tell a lot, people are taking to the streets here, peacefully at the moment, but that may not last very long.
      19 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      The lesson here is that the CIA considers me valuable enough to save. I did a huge favor for them. Bush tried to fire 25 of them who were Clinton people when they came to my aide and I made a big fucking stink... they owe me. I like th...See More

      17 minutes ago · 

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      I am watching what is going on in Ireland, too... it is happening everywhere. Here they took money from the unemployed to give the richest 1% a huge tax break. So people who need the money lose it, and others.... I am telling you, when this has happened in the past, this kind of wealth disparity, the revolutionaries rise and they fall. They think they can consolidate the world... but they live in a fucking dream. There are more protests going on in the world right now over this...but they get us nowhere. THEY HAVE TO BE AFRAID TO STEAL FROM US... BUT THEY ARE NOT. THEY THINK WE ARE THEIR BITCHES.

      12 minutes ago · 

    • Breda O'Brennan 
      Yes, it's always the ones at the top that I blame too, they know the whole story and continue to use the soldiers as cannon fodder, it takes many of them years to figure out what is going on and by then, it's usually too late for them to do anything about it, they may have been ordered to do terrible things and on doing them, they no longer trust themselves or their own judgement. They should know that people don't blame them personally, we do understand their predicament, unfortunately for them, they are a target once they put their uniform on and their government, guided by the "Elite", have many enemies.

      7 minutes ago · 

    • John Scott Ridgway 
      Indeed.... I based a character in my first book on a man who raped women to death for the Navy Seals, in Vietnam, during operation Phoenix. They would gather the whole village, then take the tribal leaders wife or daughter. He said thatthe women died just from the rape and humiliation, without even being beaten... they had brainwashed him through a year of training and drugged him out with speed, etc... i met him twenty years later, and he was a drunk with three masters degrees who could not teach... he lectured in our Military Intelligence classes... this is also how my first book ended up with classified intelligence that got the CIA interested in shutting me up.

      2 minutes ago · 

      • Monday at 3:58am · 

      • John Scott Ridgway 
        I would be happy if they just gave power back to the people. I joke about revenge, but I would like to see courts honest enough to prosecute them.... not mobs taking their heads,though that would be the most fun, for me, personally... since I keep my pitchfork sharp and have had to get bloody in this life, no matter how much I have longed for peace..... In the past, my philosophy has been make peace not war... so I let them retire with their riches. I mean, there was no way they were going to give up power without a fight, if I had done other. And I have brought down some big names in politics... you would be surprised by how alarmed they get when I use their name in my violent comedy.

        12 hours ago · 

      • Breda O'Brennan 
        I would be more than happy with that too John, if the courts charged even some of them, I hate bloodshed, let their families enjoy their spoils, but show them what will happen if they follow in their footsteps, give the people control our our own destiny, let us live comfortably in peace. Though, I have to say, one woman, no matter who she is, should not own one sixth of the world land mass, that is craziness, yet, we've allowed it, get someone very high up that controls this and lock them up and throw away the key, that may even do it. How can she sleep at night and support a government that is cutting families on the breadline from social welfare, it cannot continue? She should be allowed to be ultra rich, but have nowhere near that amount of the world in her name. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job at using the media propaganda machine against them, that, is an honourable, brave, warrior job that you are doing and you'll never know how great the extent of your work will impact the future of your country and many others, this kind of fighting like with like, very few can do, I mean, you are fighting the whole system through many veils of secrecy, lies and various kinds of torture, thank you from my heart for this.

        4 hours ago · 

      • John Scott Ridgway The queen is not on my list of people who get forgiven.... she had her chance. long story, but they fear me with good reason. nor is Charles the weasel. His son, he one getting married, assured me he would not become a king.... he breaks that promise, we will bring him down.
        48 minutes ago · 

      • John Scott Ridgway 
        Breda, thank you by the way for this conversation. I hint at these things, and write about them, but I get the reaction that I am lying a lot, even from people who knew me before this, when I usually referred to as a gentleman and a scholar, which I was on the most public level.... alone I was the desperate poet, lusting for something that did not exist, in any form, that I would join.... a movement. I worked in politics and immersed myself in it from my first memories, since my mom organized union protests and we went to them all summer, and they were great huge famalies picnicking together and hearing speeches about fighting the power. My mom can give an electric speech, and is a writer in her own right, and has a very charming way with words. I love her work... and may be biased, but I don't care. She is great. Anyways.... I decided to start from scratch after my training in how to do so under Dr. Danial Stern, as well as learning not only how to fight a guerrila war, but also how to be a writer who inspires war. Just before the Civil war, american poets got together and drummed up a war.... and it worked. Thomas Paine and others drove our original revolution when we tossed out the King. The main thing I know are the signs that a society is ready to revolt, and times will never be better for us. They will never return the rights they are taking from the midde class... the never have before,.

        14 minutes ago · 

      • John Scott Ridgway 
        I used to hate the idea of having any power over anyone. I was a great boss because of this trait. I did not want any of this... I wanted to say I quit workinng in politics for twenty years to get educated and write... I dismiss it as a sham. Reagen was voted in and I just figured if this is what these people want, they are too far gone for me to do anything except sit back and look disgusted.... I got back into it only when I saw no movement I trusted or would use, and so knowing how to do so, and being in touch with intelligence already because they had been watching me for awhile with my MI major... under a guy they spied on all the time. He had a room full of Freedom OF Information act FBI notes on himself.... Oh, wel.... Then the spies and I kind of found we agreed on a lot of things and worked together a bit and they were impressed with me, tried to recruit me. Instead, I tried to recruit them, with some success....               or  so   it  seems to me.   thee are other explainations to this.    I think  people lust to find some truth, any truth...  a lot of them for the perfect cult....   that has happened with my work to an extent, since my Waking Up Jesus poetry  and the basic mythos of my life,  which has always been kind of a warrior in an army of one...  combined to start two Jehova Witnness related cults to think I am Jesus.  They found out about the security around me, etc...  and this caused some waves in the Mormon circles...  I do not know how much of that was my work being used by people to do their own bidding or mine.  That is the strangest yet part of my story.

        2 minute

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  1. hey its bob. go to my youtube page (bobbylight422), i worked up a version of your song, interrupted by a phone call lol, awful in its primitive goodness, or vice versa (good in awful primitiveness)if I do say so myself...A Sones/Velvets nod rather than the big punk-or-hardcore sound we envisioned but its only a start, which may never evolve but what the hell, it happened at all!


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