• Of course, I shoul add, M. is wonderful and this is my loss, for sure, in many ways, and I do not mean to ever say anything mean about her or her dear Mother, because it is best we do not live together. And they are both great... so please, do not take me wrong. My love for M. is forever, and I would never leave her high and dry, broke and unable to afford an apartment, etc... I am not going to be that kind of person. Period. I can take living here a couple months until she is settled. Whatever. She is certainly gracious and kind enough to do so for me. She is the greatest, M. And I will only say nice things about her and her family, who have been great, which is how I really feel.

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  • I make enough to live just fine in Mexico, or Venzeula, Cuba, and have dreamt of seeing the Amazon.... and certain countries have been very kind about letting my work in, and working with me... if ya get my hint... there too goes on the list...

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      • Jordan Trudel I'm a bitch in the morning.
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      • John Scott Ridgway Hey, well, I am breaking up with a woman with a temper, which I do not share. I am fairly easy to get along with, very easy going... but, hey, I like to paint, write, and live a certain way, and NO ONE gets to change me... No, I live like I want with someone or I move on, Sadly... but you know.. happens.
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  • Funny how we think one person is the center of universe..the sun around which our planet-ourselves orbits around and yet d when that ends universe explodes... you see all the stars out there again, the places to travel to, and the, sorry to say a so soon, but I do think about it in a way...other women....Must be careful ... reaons for that too.....last time after a fifteen year relastionship,, I was celebate for a year,,, but I love women,,, and other... well, , other women out there more off into art and politics, the lasses I have turned down are rather heartbreaking as I break up. Anyways, I would not disrespect M by looking around very hard while we are in this process of transition, still, I would be stupid not to... make certain exceptions if you know, well... but not while we live together these next couple months.... a lot of time to decide how I will deal with this new,, unexpected situation.

    I also missed the friends I have missed by being tied to M's mother's needs... I have been turning down a chance to go to Egypt and write on a newspaper, be their English web connection, exciting time to be there... but my radio show is doing the same thing, featuring a journalist from there. Easy to get the cats in and a place to stay in the middle or a revolution. I would thrive.

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  • If you like my writing, you will love/ like the radio broadcast, podcast starting on Halloweed, MMy last one Peace and Pipedreams drove a tiny internet studio in Chicago to number one ratings in the city, a world wide hit that made my name and got me a lot of rock and tv and movie and political buddies...even the president, when he was running, liked my comedy and poetry and wanted to meet me sent me a video invitation I turned down.. I back issues, not politician, though he is a home town friend and I love him as a man, his politic are what they are and I do not like them... big critic, but I temper this with my love for a fan of my writing, you know?

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      • John Scott Ridgway My comedy is my favorite politics, and seems to draw the biggest crowds. On the Elves Attic, you will see that is a huge side of me, and I like to enjoy life, and have a very huge comfort zone with what I will talk about, especially when single, which I have been for like fourteen hours officially, though unofficially for some time, perhaps... who knows? Sad but okay... I think the relief I feel is dominant.
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      • John Scott Ridgway For now. Sadness will come as the weeks wear by...for sure.
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  • I cannot complain about ten years writing books--five done, and three finished basically and almost ready to publish, sold a lot of painting, living by the lake. We had a fine life with a lot of problems because of my political work, but that is over now that i a lot of spies friends who watch out for me. If I do leave Chicago, I shall however be COY about my new location.... yes, that time has come.... i may have to go underground if these protests do not stay non violent. WE CANNOT LOSE. aLL my prayers and efforts are against such things, but God moves in mysterious ways, and sends me where I am NEEDED, not where I WANT TO GO....where I need to go.

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  • I must be ready to end this relationship if all i feel is relief. I am an artist and in no way perfect, but she ha barely cooked in nine years, never cleaned, or packed or really did anything ..... she worked and made a bit more money than me, but I was not trying to sell my books, etc.. for a lot of reasons. I am starting a show that if it does not make money, will at least get me a better radio how... had a nice 1.5 mill offer for the last show, until they changed it and added a woman who was not funny and a lot of other shit they tried to hide... oh, well...such is life dealing with radio and tv folk... thank god for the net, and I now need no studio, or fat boss telling us our show was very popular but with all the pot talk no advertisers were coming on and they NEVER EVEN TRIED TO SELL ADVERTISING BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO LAZY.... helll, I sold ads for my tv show. I sold one for the radio show last night... so there.....one computer shop advertising already and not even trying to go to bong shops, who all want to ad....

    My life... seriously though, if you know of a cheap apartment in chicago, preferably with a fine arts painter who likes cats and smoking weed (I do not care what others do but I do not want to live with a drunk and do not drink... occasional or whatever I could care less about).

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      • Sara Rosenberg-Rosebery Texas
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      • John Scott Ridgway 
        We will see. I love my neighbborhood... you are certainly cute enough... Oh, I also want a baby. Should add.. very smart, handsome, and the end of ancient line of king.. have a book from 939 about the family back to 430.... oil painter,...See More

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  • I am moving out as soon as soon as soon as posibble. I cannto stand laying beside someone when it is is over.... This is good... Single again ladies ready to move out of Chicago, me and two cats and a bunch of art....let me know and whic
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  • M. Just broke up with me... officially. Our relationship is over because her mother hates my cats.... and she is a bitch and M. chose her over me. Being single again is great. So many women out there who have wanted other. Now I am free to move to other cities. I will get the cats and her her sjesos]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]ccccccccccccc
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  • The Anonymous campaign began Oct. 14, when members of the hacktivist group found a cache of child-pornography websites while browsing a secret website called the Hidden Wiki, a guidebook to hundreds of underground websites invisible to search engines and regular Internet users. The hackers singled out Lolita City, a file-sharing site used by pedophiles, and leaked the names of the site's 1,589 act...See More

    Member of the hacking group Anonymous have released the usernames of what they say are more than 1,500 members of a child-pornography file-trading website called Lolita City, and also claim to have taken more than 40 child-pornography sites offline. The sites existed on a hidden part of the Internet...

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  • Thank You God, and President Obama... let this war and all of them end. Thank you for sending one hundred soldiers after the Lords Resistance Army and helping Libya... I refuse to be cynical about every achievement you make. Thank you, sir.... GOD BLESS ALL SOLDIERS, AND MAY WE WELCOME THEM HOME WITH A RUST COMEDY, OR SENDITENCED TO THE NINETY PERCENT, WHERE THEY WILL become soldiers of the RESISTANCE.

    President Obama has decided to withdraw all American troops from Iraq by the end of the year, after failing to reach a deal with the Iraqi government that would have left a significant force of military trainers in the country.

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      • John Scott Ridgway robust ecomony is what I meant to write when I put in RUST COMEDY
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